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Duffers Posts: 1841
B'maid no.3 phoned this morning to inform me she's 3 months pregnant! Obviously Im absolutely OVER the moon for her and BF. Couldn't stop saying "oh my God, congrats" She'll be 6months gone for our wedding and Ive had her dress with the last wk (was wondering why she hadn't called, poor thing was afraid to tell me incase i didnt want a pregnant B'maid...HELLO?) I couldn't care less if she had a hippo hanging off her foot! Anyway got the dresses form Gownsales and as i got the dresses a size 2 big for all the girls, they are a simple design and can be altered easily. Other two B'maids (one quite small and one quite big) their dresses fit perfect. Any advice on the dress issue, do we try guess how big B'maid no.3 will be in 3 months and try order another by rush order fom Gownsales? Sell the present dress? The B'maids want to shorten their dresses slightly, would it be possible to use some excess material to fit onto the 3rd dress to accommodate the bump? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated......X
MTMR Posts: 788
was never in the positon, but just wanted to say you seem like a really good friend. I'm sure BM was sh*tting it telling you, must have been a big relief for you to react the way you did.
ElizaLou Posts: 126
My sister who's my BM also told me this weekend. I'm beyond delighted, However, original plan was to have my sis and my buddy who lives abroad as the BM's. It was already going to be a small bit awkward organising dresses with one of the gals out of the country. However, now I feel it's going to be twice as awkward. So I'm thinking of just having my sister as BM. What do yee think? Is it outa line to let a BM go?
ros Posts: 749
Good for you.