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Roz Posts: 588
Hey girls, just a question. Have been reading alot of posts the last few days where brides feel let down - one way or another - by their bridesmaids. Im getting married a year tomorrow :o)ll and my sister is CBM and she is getting married May 09 and ill be her CBM. My problem is myself & H2B were talking and have decided we want to TTC on our honeymoon. Which means i will more than likely be pregnant for my sis wedding (unless it happens straight away and will have the baby in April). Should i say it to her and give her the option of picking someone else? Should i wait and see what happens? Do ye think i am being selfish as i really dont want to ruin her big day. Would really appreciate some feedback on this. Love my sister to bits - she is the greatest and has been fantastic to me and i want to do the same for her. Thanks wollies :thnk
s wife Posts: 1445
i wouldnt mind if bridesmaid was pregnant at the end of the day you have picked this person beacause you want them to share in your day and have them by your side on the alter so being pregnant is a blessing and i think if people are worried about their bridesmaids having a bump in their dress on the day they are very shallow as for your sister i would think no matter what she'd want you there by her side with or without a bump :wv
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
well i got married last year sept and sis is getting married in Nov, I made the decision to hold off until after her wedding before ttc as it is in Rome i thought it was only fair on my sister ,but thats my own opinion you are not being selfish , but maybe you should be upfront about it i have seen some pregnant bms and they looked fab, its totally up to your sister and yourself worse case scenario u miss the whole thing and give birth on her wedding day , don't forget that could happen too if you concieve on your honeymoon :eek
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
ohhh who voted yes and left no comment ! stand up and explain yourself bridzilla !! :o0
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Whether you tell her or not now, depends on whether you want her to know you are TTC. It could take a while believe me, I wanted a HM baby. She may not mind at all, if you are BM and pregnant on day! When do you expect her to ask you? If its a while after your own wedding, you may be pregnant already anyway, and then she can decide, but it may also be the case that it could take longer than expected and you may still not be PG by HER wedding. Sorry, I'm not making much sense really, but if you don't think she'd mind either way, say nothing til you have some concrete news. But one thing I would not do, is postpone TTC until after her wedding. You cannot put your life on hold for someone else. I was in a similiar position and just went ahead with TTC - in case there would have been problems etc, I didn't want to waste a year not trying just because of someone elses wedding. If you talk to your sister I'm sure she wouldn't like you to be stressing out over this :xox Good luck
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Its very good and considerate of you to ask, but if your family is anything like mine, your sister will tell you to catch yourself on and not let her wedding put you off such a major thing as trying for a baby. Id let her know that its a possibility you'll be expecting, but you never know with these things, it could take you six months or more to get pregnant, even without any actual fertility 'problems', and she won't need to look for dresses for a long time yet, so maybe she could decide at a later date.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I have to say if it was me I would be delighted for my bridesmaid and my only concern would be that she have a healthy and happy pregnancy. I think you ask the people you want because they are the people who make you most comfortable and happy. It should not matter if they are fat, thin, short, tall, pregnant or not. My bridesmaids are all different shapes and heights but I could not dream of not having them there. They are my bridemaids because they are good friends and I want them around and really would not be slightly put off by a pregnancy at all. The only thing is I would mention it to your sister as if she is trying to pick a dress it may need to be taken in to consideration. :wv
Roz Posts: 588
Thanks wollies, she has already asked me to be her CBM. It was agreed when i asked her to be mine. I dont really want to be saying to much about TTC as i have no idea how long it could take or if it will ever happen. We will be careful though so that if it does happen it wont be too close to her wedding date. (going to ttc on HM and if nothing happens wait a few months if that makes sense to anyone :-8 ) My H2B is 5 years older than me and he really wants to have children asap as he doesnt want to be too old to enjoy them :thnk so waiting another year is not an option (especially as it may take another year after that) Ok ill stop babling.... :wv
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
ah your just a naturally thoughful person , best of luck with your wedding plans and your sisters !
Roz Posts: 588
Thanks plaza i just wanted to make sure i wasnt being selfish. ill just have to wait and see what happens next year. :thnk