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seedee Posts: 1017
do you think it would be possible to avoid drinking for a week of a family holiday without arousing any suspicions? anyone any decoy suggestions? there will be 6 other family members there, and OH isnt coming.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Depends on how much of a drinker you are normally, I would never get away with a week and especially not on holidays!
seedee Posts: 1017
yeah im actually thinking of not going now. i dont think ill be able to pull it off. what else makes you not drink for a week? i wonder if i put tic tacs in an antibiotics box... :o0
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Antibiotics is an obvious one too, if I said I was on them everyone would know I was pregnant! How far are you gone? Could you tell them? Or tell one who will help you cover up?
seedee Posts: 1017
5+ weeks. cant tell them yet. maybe i could tell [i:1r0r2o39]one[/i:1r0r2o39], but its still quite early at 6+ weeks. ill have to have a long hard think about it this evening. thanks for being the sounding board anyway. cant ask anyone's advice other than OH!!!
jewellb Posts: 2389
Start complaining now of some illness a mankey boil or something then say you are on flagil it's an antibiotic you absolutely can't drink when taking it, and it can make you feel a bit rough so of you are feeling a bit rough blame it on the anti b's !! :-))
Cats1 Posts: 215
Hi there, I went away with my family at 5+ weeks, my OH, my parents and 4 sisters and their partners... I got away with it for a day...and then paniced over drinking unpasturised milk! me and OH decided if anything were to happen we would tell my mum and dad and sisters anyway so 2 days into the holiday we told them, my parents cried (with happiness, first grandchild) and my sisters were great. It also took the pressure off OH drinking for 2 (he would knock back his drink and i'd then give him mine!!!) Only you can know, but i'd say if they were close family what's the harm, but if you don't want to tell them all i'd deffinately tell 1 person that you are the closest to, you'll need someone there to talk to as it's all so new and exciting, and at 5 + weeks you're still getting your head around being pregnant.... good luck with your :)
newyorker Posts: 309
Put your folic acid supplements into an prescription bottle and pretend that your on medication. Make up something like you've been suffering from migraines and the doctor advised no alcohol as it could make everything worse
seedee Posts: 1017
jiggy, that was exactly what i said last night to OH. genius. but instead i told them this morning that i probably wasnt going to go over. its just proving a lot of hassle. and of course all the dilly dallying means the price has gone up too. ah sure never mind. might get away in a month or so instead. thanks for the advice!! :thnk