Hi ladies, Bit of a shock but the Sunday before we got married (Friday) we found out we were pregnant to which I nearly fainted and broke out in a sweat. Genuinely didn't believe it would happen so quick as we only decided a month before wedding to stop using condoms. Had a blood test with doctor and am just back from honeymoon today and think I am 7 weeks gone. I am excited and thankful but am terrified at the same time! Read the thread put up on the do's and donts which is very useful but I'm wondering if anyone would recommend a female doctor preferably in Dublin west? Tallaght, saggart, rathcoole, city west? I don't have a local doctor and while the male doctor I went to was fine I felt he rushed me out the door after taking the blood test and just not sure I would feel like I'm getting th same understanding potentially from a female doctor. He is a very matter of fact kind of person. Thanks a million