pregnant or not!!please help

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0807 Posts: 18
I cant believe i'm posting this but just back from doc cos have been very tired and down lately and havent had a period in 2 months-thought i was just run down and doc was going to run bloods etc but did preg test just to be sure-it was positive-but only a very faint line. i did 2 pregnancy tests last month cos i hadnt got my period and was worried and both were negative. Haven't been TTC and haven't been having sex (except maybe once or twice but with protection). now i just cant believe it. did another test at home just now and its negative. it was the first response test. so who do i believer? doc has no way of knowing when i'm due so was gonna book me in for scan. im terrified-my wedding is at the end of august and apart from all that i dont feel ready. what do you think? could i be? and if so how pregnant will i look? thanks for reading -will appreciate any replies or advice
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi hon, couldn't read and not reply. God love you, but don't panic! These things always work out ok in the end. This does seem really strange, but I suppose what I would say is that they say it is pretty much impossible to get a false positive, so that would suggest that perhaps you are pregnant. Maybe do another test in the morning, as first morning urine is supposed to be most accurate. I'm sure when you get blood test results and scan it will all become clearer. Try not to worry. I'm sure your wedding will be fabulous regardless of the outcome.
0807 Posts: 18
thank you so much for replying sleep monster. I know thats my only conclusion too that i must be really really early. I can't believe this is me posting this-i really didn't think this would be happening for years. Has anyone ever had a positive at the doctors that was wrong? It was a really old looking test too and she said herself that at first she thought it was negative and we were talking about other things when she decided to check before binning it-it was sitting there for about ten mins. Am going to do test first thing but how will i get through work knowing? I know noone can help-it's my thing but just want any advice..thanks
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
It is possible to see what is known as an evaporation line on a test if it is viewed outside of the test window. Basically a lot of tests tell you it takes maybe 3 or 5 mins to complete the reaction and that after that you should bin it. So I guess what I'm saying is I suppose it could have been an evaporation line? But I'd be surprised if your doctor misinterpreted the result. Best thing to do is test in the morning. You'll be fine sweetie!!! We're all here for you, I'm sure you'll get better advise from the others tonight or in the morning. :action32
NotHere Posts: 10273
Mmmm, the doc kinda left you hanging there didn't she? I would do like Sleep Monster says and test with morning urine. That should be an accurate result. Good luck :thnk
0807 Posts: 18
right update-did 2nd first response test first thing this morning and it was negative! so now who do i believe? this is so hard not knowing.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I would say then that your not. It's so confusing. Your blood results will let you know one way or another. If there is any trace at all of the pregnancy hormone the blood test will show it. Are the results in today?
0807 Posts: 18
hi thanks-she didn't suggest blood tests-she said to book in for scan to see how far along i am cos I haven't had periods in 3 months-that is why I went into see her- I have been very run down lately, wrecked tired, skin a mess so I thought there was something wrong with me. But there's no way I'm that far along pregnant if I've had 2 negative tests since. I rang doc but she is not in till tomorrow, I'd say then she'll get me to do blood test. thanks again