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ginger2 Posts: 275
Hi Just found out yesterday I am pregnant... Its a faint line The doc says its because i am in the early stages.. I have to go back again next week for another test...reckon i am about 2 weeks... just cant believe it... I feel fine at the moment.. when do you first start showing??? not sure what happens next??? I read somewhere to avoid Tea ( only two cups a tea a day) I really love tea.. any help would be great Ginger :o)ll
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
congrats ginger, go to the sticky above where to start from bfp, it has all you need to know. cut down on your caffeine intake if its high, but chances are you may not be able to stomach tea/coffee in a few weeks anyway! if you want to make an investment in a book the pregnancy bible is very good! with your first pregnancy you prob wont start showing until week 20... you will be bloated from week 7/8 for a while though!
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
Congrats!!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx :stork:
Augustmum Posts: 686
Congrats Ginger! :stork: I have no advice, sorry... I just got my BFP a few moments ago! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I can't believe it I am sooooo happy :o)ll Would love to get some advice from the other ladies on here too.... :thnk xx
babyforus Posts: 1619
Congrats ginger! :o)ll (congrats again octgal). Yeah the sticky for new to P&B is good. It goes through what foods you can't eat now and the different types of care available. My one tip for the first trimester is: Sleep, a lot :-) You'll be exhausted. My tip for the 2nd trimester is enjoy it, you feel good as MS is gone for most people and you're not heavy yet. Not long into the 3rd trimester myself but so far it's ask your DH for help putting your shoes on! ENJOY!!!!!!!!
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
Hi girls huge congrats!!! I can only drink tea again last few weeks, went completely off it! :o)ll
jan8 Posts: 554
congrats ginger so exciting! the main thing with tea is that it can hinder iron absorption, so try to drink it a couple of hours after you eat. i'm mad for my cuppa too so the way i got around this was to have spatone last thing every night. i reckon it's ok in moderation!! good luck :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
congratulations hun :o)ll
ginger2 Posts: 275
thanks to all... I am just in shock and afraid... cant believe it really... SO much to learn about..not sure what i should be doing and not doing... thanks :o)ll
Towser Posts: 121
Hi Ginger, congratulations!! I am also just new to this, found out last Tuesday, am 5 weeks tomorrow going my date of my last AF. So scared but so happy as well. Have absolutely no clue what to be doing and not doing, going to buy a book at lunchtime today, and have the doctor on Thursday. Really want the next few weeks to go fast so that we will know everything is ok, plus cant wait to have a little bump! I hope you are feeling good, i havent had any symptoms at all apart from getting bigger boobies, but that might be my imagination!!!