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Aoidly Posts: 3
Hi guys, I don't know whether this is the right place to ask or not but I'm really freaking out, I had my last period on the 15th if August and had unprotected sex on the 26th and 27th.. I took ellaone the 5 day morning after pill on the 29th and my period is 11 days late.. I've taken 3 tests that came up negative. Is there a real chance I could be pregnant.. Having cramping and a lot of gas and mild nausea in the mornings. Really scared
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
All I can advise on is testing. What kind of tests have you done? Basic pregnancy tests aren't that sensitive at this stage since period. Either try a good one like clear blue digital or wait at least 2/3 days and try basic assuming you are using basic.
Aoidly Posts: 3
Yeah just using basic cheap ones, went to the doctor who basically just said she didn't know, didn't offer to do bloods and told me to just 'wait and see'
mamime Posts: 791
In my experience of ttc and waiting those weeks to test, i found due to stress, my period didn't come. I was so anxious and really wanted that positive and this threw my cycle totally off! So it could be stress if you are worried about being pregnant. I also can get nausea from stress and from an expected period. When pregnant, the nausea didn't appear until 6 weeks on my girls and around 8 weeks on my boy. I did however get bad headaches early on from the date of conception on no.3. Of course everyone is different though, but i would have thought its a bit early for nausea. The morning after pill should have worked but there are always the exceptions so as you've been told, waiting is the only option.. All the best.
Aoidly Posts: 3
Thanks so much for the reply, I did notice I had a migraine for a week starting 2 days after the sex but I put that down to the kidney infection I had and ended up in hospital so I thought that was the cause, I'm in 2 minds about the situation not sure what to make of it if it was positive, just want to he prepared incase it is!