Pregnant-wedding date??

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Chatty Gal Posts: 34
Hi girls, I got engaged last month and then discovered I was pregnant and am now way more excited about that!!! Have mentioned to family and friends April 08 as wedding date-(I'm due April24) this is just to put them off for a while as I think that they'd be suspicious if I was having too long a engagement. Anyway my question is-how long after i have the baby should i consider getting married-I'm between Oct 08 and April 09. Any advice appreciated-thanks L
HowsThings Posts: 25
Hi, i'm pregnant too total surprise, but i'm happy, My wedding is for Aug 08 and my baby is due April 28th, If I hadn't everything organised for my wedding - invitations etc. I would deffinately go with a later date! you really won't feel april coming around! It will give you alot more time to enjoy being a mother and relaxing after the pregnancy and then getting yourself into gear for your wedding day - when you want to look absolutely amazing!! Plus you will have a toddler at the wedding enjoying it all versus an infant - if your still breast feeding you won't be able to drink either!! Well whatever you decide it will both be great either way! I would go with April.
Delish Posts: 4176
Howsthings your the same as me, surprise pregnancy due 4th May, wedding 6th September !!
HowsThings Posts: 25
Hi Delish, I have my dress bought and everything!!! - I am going to have to slim down soooo fast!! My biggest problem now is I have to start a new job in two weeks and I'm and unbeleivably tired! I'm fine for until about 12 noon and then its like i have to go to bed for a couple of hours in order to last the rest of the day. as long as i eat the foods that smell good to me little bits all day - I'm find with the sickness. At night is the worst when i've stopped eating - I've gained 10 lbs already!! I am going to be huge I know it!! I haven't told anyone yet - have you? What date is your first trimester over?
Delish Posts: 4176
Hi, I don't have my dress bought, so happy now, but I am worried about slimming down in time for the wedding. First trimenster over around the 19th October, scan on the 24th October. I've told 2 friends, and 2 people in work - (not the boss :o0 -, see other posts for details!). I plan on telling my family in about 2 weeks time, I am now 6 weeks and 3/4 days, son in my 7th week. I'll tell family and close friends once I have eight weeks under my belt, will try and keep it a secret from acquantances until about 4 months, depends how big I get. I am a little naucious every day, but am eating and havn't been sick at all. I am really tired nearly every evening and I can see myself ballooning as I sit all day with my job and then go home and sit some more. I take the dogs for minimum 1/2 hour walk at least 5 days a week. I plan on starting swimming soon. How far along are you?, We should be weight loss buddies after the babies are born. One of the close friends I told, advised me to get a personal trainer once a week after the baby is born and I'm back to normal!! I'm also a little aprehensive about telling teh paernts, I know that's ridiculous, I'm 28 and we are engaged, have the house etc, but you know it's still hard to tell as we are doning it the wrong way around!! I'm sure they will deal with it. :o0
shocked22 Posts: 511
I'm due the 7th Dec and getting married on the 15th March! That gives me 14 weeks! We had chosen the wedding date and the I found out I was pregnant but I couldn't be happier. We'll probably have babs at the wedding and then at the reception for a little while and hopefully he / she will stay with a babysitter for the night. I have to say that being pregnant while organising a wedding is the best possible way of preventing Bridezilla setting in!!! I have 6 months until the wedding, this weekend and have no dress yet.....and you know what, I don't care!!!! I had measurements taken at 12 weeks but I know that as long as babs arrives safe and sound, then I'll have the next best day of my life on the 15th March....
PinkyD Posts: 276
im he same, had wedding date picked (we're going abroad to marbella) was originally next June '08 but when we came back from marbella this June, we found out we were pregnant - delighted to say the least!!! But we managed to postpone our wedding til Aug 21st 2008 - deposit has since been paid & all going well with birth of new bubs (due 14th Feb) even a week or so either side of date, gives me approx. 6 months to get fit & get bubs sorted in a bit of a routine! We're still going ahead with all our original plans, marbella etc, only thing hat changed for us was the date & im glad now we did too.... I've joined a gym for the pool & my membership goes til next aug which gives me the use of it after birth and before wedding too... Assuming i have he energy that is... :o0