prep for spray tan?

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mrs fifi Posts: 94
what should i do in preparation for spray tanning? I know to exfoliate, but should i avoid greasy moisturisers and my beloved PerfectSlim for the day - otherwise i fear i'll be waterproof and the tan won't sink in! or should I moisturise lots so it absorbs better?and is one spray enough? looking for a good deep colour (and currently quite pale), and going for the Fake Bake spray
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Fifi, I had the fake bake done last week and in the week or so coming up to it, i made sure to exfoliate and moisturise. On the day itself, I just showered beforehand and didn't use any moisturiser or deodorant. To be honest, I didn't like fake bake at all - I'm quite fair skinned too and it was really dark and mucky looking on me after one spray! I thought the colour was quite fake looking and not golden like other tans i've tried (e.g St Tropez was much better on me). I suppose the idea is to try different ones and find one that suits you. Hope that helps!
AGuest Posts: 1262
yup...just exfoliate & moisturise well the day before, and then the day you are getting sprayed just shower - don't use any perfumes, deodrants, etc. Jill from did two sprays on me when she came over - but whoever is spraying you will know what will be best for your skin tone.
cpd Posts: 177
Fifi, I agree with what the girls say. For right after the spray, wear baggy track bottoms, no bra and flip flops. When I get home, I put on a pair of shorts and vest top (i.e. the smallest clothes I have) just to let it dry more and so your clothes are'nt rubbing it off :wink: C