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boycee09 Posts: 98
Hi Girls Looking for a bit of inspiration really. Decided not to go back to work after mat leave so now looking at opening my own preschool and afterschool but want a really catchy name for it. There are so many of these around I just want something thats not so common. Any ideas? Any inspiration out there? Much appreciated :thnk
Rogue User Posts: 6101
Do a bit of brainstorming: What will differentiate your pre-school/afterschool from others? Like, what is your Unique Selling Point? Will the focus be on play or learning or both? I wanted to open a pre-school a few years ago and I was going to call it Back2Play because I wanted the focus to be on play as opposed to the heavy emphasis on learning most Montessori schools would have had at the time. I hate the cutesie names like "Little Bunnies" or "Little Rainbows" but you might love them.
macattack Posts: 1617
Here's a few names from the area I live which might inspire you- Brightsparks Firststeps The Kidz Lodge And there's an afterschool homework club called The Bookworm. Hope this helps!
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I'll have to have a little think and get back to you but can I just say: PLEASE don't call it something with a Z replacing an S! I absolutely HATE that. I know it's supposed to be different and all and I get that,'s the incorrect spelling! I just don't understand businesses working with children, to EDUCATE children, spelling the name of their business incorrectly. Even if it's not an education business, I still hate it. I saw a hairdressers once called something like Kidz Kuts and I wanted to shoot myself. There's a pub down in Wexford called Jimmy'z. I swear to God, not Jimmy's which would be correct, apostrophe and all. But Jimmy'z. Everytime I walk past it my hands itch to get a can of paint and fix it. It's just a little bugbear of mine as you can see!!
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
Some of these may help :o)ll Little Scholars Little Learners Humble Bumbles Tiny footsteps 'taking small steps toward big futures!' Shining stars CHEEKY MONKEYS, BUSY BEES Building blocks Best Beginnings Bright Beginnings Room to Bloom (Room2Bloom) Alphabet Academy Daisy Chain Pre-school Learn with Pleasure Little Gems Precious cargo Over the Rainbow Time to Shine (Time2Shine) Tots&Toys Little Hands Daycare little monsters sweatshop: you drop 'em off...we put 'em to work :o0 Mini Miracles Mother Land Home Sweet Second Home Everyday Sunshine Rise and Shine Kiddie College Country Kids Lollipops Sweetie Pie Children in Learning Wee Kids Kidz Corner Bright Minds Helping Hands Paradise Kiddie Kids Castle Little Harvard Children's Choice Homey Land The Fun House Kids Zone The Growing Patch Caterpillar Clubhouse Learning Ladder Kiddie Junction Kids Paradise Tot Spot Educare Learning Center Little Steps Wonder Kids Future Scholars The Big House Reading Rainbows Caring & Sharing Daycare Kids' Ark Early Bird Daycare Happy Hearts PitterPatter Just like Home KidLogic Precious Moments Angel Academy Kidspace Childtime Learning Center Little Rascals Wee Watch Brighter Horizons Kool Kidz Peace of Mind Daycare Cutie Pies Tutor Time Tender Moments Wonderland Angel Keepers The Cradle Small Miracles Little Angels Sweet Hearts :thnk
Synergy Posts: 2768
I love Town Mice and Country Mice
boycee09 Posts: 98
Aw girls thanks so much. I totally agree with you all-I don't like the cutey names or mispelled names for the same reason... Macattach I like brightsparks and bookworm-its so hard to get a name that will work for both groups WOW SaraD08 thanks so much for all that-very kind :thnk to you all
hestia Posts: 2368
Brain sluggish but just a besta luck to ya.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
Passed one today called "The Toddler Inn" as if it was a pub, it looked quite snazzy actually, it's in Dublin off the Navan Road.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
How about the Zone or the Den, you need something catchy and cool for after school as i have found kids hate going to school after school so if you call it something cool its more like a hip club they are going to rather than afterschool.