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YumYum Posts: 482
Hi Everyone, Just wondering of any ideas for a pressie for a Daddy To Be, he has been absolutely and utterly fantastic (as usual) and just want to treat him to something quirky and nice. YY
Isis Posts: 484
Hey. Congrats for starters on your pregnancy !! Im not expecting but have a little glance over here sometimes :-8 Thought Id reply since youd a few views and no response Im not sure if you want something baby/daddy related for your partner but have a look at this : ... t_Code=RP2 hope its some help for ideas :wv
sinion Posts: 6050
i think these are brilliant :o0 [img:3hvzu9yp][/img:3hvzu9yp] [img:3hvzu9yp][/img:3hvzu9yp] [url:3hvzu9yp][/url:3hvzu9yp][/img]
tras Posts: 1460
Ah, that's brilliant!! Seeing as hubby is experiencing all kinds of sympathy symptoms, the 'sympathy bump' one would be great!!