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love struck Posts: 1125
Hi Just need some opinions.. My hubbie is attending a wedding in the coming weeks aboard which in total for the trip will cost nearly 900euro plus then spending money on top of that.. Then the groom decided to have a weekend away two weeks prior to the wedding which is going to cost 250 for the weekend plus spending money.. So in total it's prob going to cost between 1800-2000 just for the stag and attending the wedding.. So last night I said to the hubbie that I was willing to put more than 150-200euro in a card as a wedding present.. TBH we just dont have the money at the moment.. He said but they gave us more for a present.. But they didnt have to travel to our wedding was my reply!! Do you think I am been unreasonable.. What do you think is a reasonable amount.. Maybe I am just over-reacting.. But having a baby, moving house and weddings mounting up in the same 3 month period has that affect :o0 :o0 Sorry about the rant!!
NowGone Posts: 8042
I think what you are proposing is totally acceptable, in fact it's very generous. People accept that when they choose to get married abroad it's very expensive for their guests - I'm sure they'll be delighted.
herby Posts: 543
I think that is very decent of you. H2b is best man in malta next oct and its costing us €800 to go plus spending money. We are getting married May 09. We are in the middle of building our house. Anyway point being I can see your point and I think thats loads to give.
pallouie Posts: 21
I think you are being more than generous about it. We are getting married abroad and I have said to all my friends and family that we don't expect any of them to give us a present of any sort. They are going to enough expense by travelling over, and that means more than any gift.
October_2007 Posts: 937
We got married abroad too and also told our guests that we didnt want presents. However, they did still go ahead and give us presents, mostly money, being honest €150 is MORE than enough in my opinion.
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
You're being more than generous - if the people getting married are genuine friends they will more than understand - you don't have to justify your present to anyone given the expense of the wedding... :-8
gasbride Posts: 941
daboy Posts: 229
Why not get a real physical gift and give that rather than cash? That way you are not putting a "value" on your friend by bluntly stating in euros and cents as with a cash gift as to what worth of a present you are giving them. Or can your friend actually not afford to get married and needs the cash to cover their wedding expenses?
mop1 Posts: 1564
I agree, E150 is defo more that enough. We dont expect anything from anyone travelling and I bet the majority of couples who marry abroad will say the exact same thing
spanishbride08 Posts: 413
We're getting married abroad, and I wouldn't want any one of guests to feel obliged to give us an "expected" amount of money. It's costing each one of them enough to travel and share in our day, and we don't expect anything from anyone. Also, regardless of where the wedding is, you should not be under pressure to give more as a gift that you can afford. If you have other things pulling on your finance at the moment, then they should take priority, and if these are friends of yours, then they will surely understand that too.