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kel Posts: 35
My first niece or nephew is due soon and I’d like to get something really nice and maybe a little different for him or her. Any ideas? Do you know of any websites that specialise in gifts for babies? Thanks for your help :D
pupsalove Posts: 1490
Hiya You should try , they have some nice stuff like the taggies, they are blankets for babies and kids which have tags all around the edges which the babies love to chew on and suck on etc. You can get them in different colours/fabrics and it gives you the option of personalisation with name/date of birth etc. Also another good one is the bumbo, which is a seat for over 3 month olds I think. Its meant to be great for their backs and for sitting upright etc. My DH's sister in law is great for coming up with these unusual gifts!
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Try also, would highly recommend them. Bought one of their fleece baby blankets for my nephew and the quality is superb and it makes a lovely keepsake as the babys name and DOB are inscribed on it. Have that as top of list for baby gifts when our own little one arrives. The lady who runs the site is also founder of the Smiles for Ciara charity, won't go into detail but you'll certainly be touched by the story behind this business, she is an inspirational woman and lovely to deal with. Pop onto the site and have a look and you'll see for yourself.
Jelly Posts: 174
Saw this this morning as well thought it was a nice keep sake [url][/url]
[email protected] Posts: 492
I bought my niece and my god daughter the newbridge silver photograph album. There are 2 sizes, either is a lovely present. Its a bit different but their Mums us it as their "special" landmark photoalbum. I'm pregnant now and hope someone gives my babe one - its a real life long present as opposed to the blanket or pretty outfit that they'll only use for a short while.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I can't remember what I bought my nieces and nephews cos they're all practically grown up now (15 + 17 :shock: ). Great website though MrsRed :wink:
kel Posts: 35
Thanks for your help girls. I really love the photo album idea might go for that and get it engraved with the baby's name and dob.
snozberry Posts: 1212
forwarned is forarmed.... silver gifts - whilst lovely idea are a pain in the @s% to keep clean and believe me mums have more pressing things to clean than silver..... :lol: ... can second though - have got and received gifts from there and they are fabulous. How about a casting set for hand/footprints? not too dear and you can get diy kits from the likes of inspiring ideas and mothercare or i think have one too... they have some cute gifts too. or a tree to plant in their garden my dd got a beautiful hardbacked book of fairy tales.... she is now three and loves to have it read to her... we have kept it up as a special treat and she really is careful with it... hoping she'll have it always.