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ros Posts: 749
Hello Everyone, Our little son is now 4 weeks old, I haven't been on much as it's been mental since he was born!! I am going out for a meal with my hubbie next week one evening and I would like to present him with a gift to mark the birth of our baby boy. He was so wonderful to me during my pregnancy, especially the last months when I was a living nightmare, and since the baby was born he just can't do enough... But I'm stumped... he is one of those guys who has everything already, and I'd like to get him something special.... but I'm just out of inspiration. Does anyone have any nice ideas?
mama sugar Posts: 1387
ok what about a signed shirt or football boot from his favorite player or team you can get them on make sure it comes with a certificate of auth and that the person selling has a good reputation like this you could put a little note in with it me and mum want to say a big thank you for helping us out you have been the best dad and the best day dad we can go to a match together!!! it would be cute and fun. just my opinion some people would think thats sad or if hes not into football get him a round of golf and relax for the day from both of you x
ros Posts: 749
Thanks a million for the idea sugar cube, I would love to do something like that, except he is not into football, or golf for that matter..... I only have a few days to organise this.... I was thinking a piece of jewellery, but he doesn't like wearing any jewellery except for his wedding ring and watch. Aaarrgggghhhhh..... But keep the ideas coming girls, they may inspire me!
summer days Posts: 112
How about a new sweater/shirt etc.. maybe to replace a few that have been in babies line of fire. Failing that, how about a new mobile phone, IPOD or DVD player.. Gadgets always amaze my man. Last year for Christmas I gave him a DVD player, a few DVD's and a gift voucher which stated he had full control of the TV (1 night only and with 24 hours notice!) He was thrilled (normally I would not relinquish TV control for anything ) :D
mila Posts: 698
I think this is a really beautiful idea - and speaks volumes about your marriage! How about a really nice leather document case or wallet or a belt (Mont Blanc [url:7ei19jiq][/url:7ei19jiq] do some fabulous ones at the moment) or something? It's not jewellery, but it would be something useful for him. Or how about an activity thing (you probably want something lasting, though.....) from [url:7ei19jiq][/url:7ei19jiq] or somewhere? Hope you are all keeping very well! :D
ros Posts: 749
A really nice WALLET - that's it!! And I'll put a photo of RĂ­ain and I in it. I'll get it taken in one of those passport photo booths and I'll put it into his wallet so he'll always have one of us in there!! Thank you thank you thank you for inspiring me!!!!
mila Posts: 698
Aaaaaw! That sounds just perfect! I'm sure he'll love it - I know my husband loves leather bits and bobs! :D :D :D All the best!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Also just to let you know that if you open a kodakgallery account and upload your digital photos of babs, you can get little gifts done up that would be tacky to others, but sooo cute for DH. They do Mugs, and Calenders, and little photo books. He could take the mug into work with him, and be a right show off!