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chirpieg Posts: 14
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of what to give my husband to be on the morning of the wedding???? something not too expensive!! Or do brides gererally do this?????????? :xxx
Irish07 Posts: 725
hi ya, I am struggling with this one too - I would be interested what the other wollies think. x
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Hi guys What are your h2b's in to? Football, Sport, Music??? My h2b has always wanted to get a tatoo with his name in old Irish writing (can't spell it, its 'ogham' or something like that). I'm not mad on tatoos and kinda talked him out of getting one. Anyway I was going to get him this thing I saw on (someone on here reccommeneded it for trees as presents for parents) the other day, its a brass ogham writing plaque thingie and I'll get his name on it. Thats just something small but I'm gonna try and get him tickets to a big Rugby match abroad aswell. Thats all I could think of cause he's really hard to buy for, not mad on jewellery, has a nice watch etc, wanted to get him something he could keep so the plaque thing seems best option. I'm waffling now so I'll head off Good Luck with the shopping :wv
Irish07 Posts: 725
That's a great idea Elise - my H2B is a big Rugby fan as well so perhaps a ticket to a match abroad would be ideal! Thanks for the feedback! x
chirpieg Posts: 14
Elsie, Thanks for that, will see if i can find anything in that web site, he's into motor bikes so if anyone out there has ideas around that!?!??!!??! All help greatly appreciated!!! :xox