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littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I am looking to get my H2B a present/token to give him on the altar at the ring time, as he won't have a ring. I want to say "I give you this gift as a token of all I possess". Has anyone any ideas what I could give him? Nothing big in size obviously. Something with meaning to it, more than use or value.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
thats a hard one, just cause its the alter, i was going to say nice silver cufflinks but not sure if that would be appropriate in church.. i guess it would be ok!
madhatter Posts: 212
tiffany cuff links??
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
It would be fine, because I would give it wrapped up and nobody would see, but he has a few pairs of cuff links and never wears them. He's not exactly a shirt and tie person.
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
can I be really nosey and ask why you wont be exchanging rings??
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
Does he wear any kind of jewellery at all? If he does you could get something in what he will wear. What about a custom made keyring with a pendant on it then you could get ingraved? I am assuming you want to get him something he will carry on him most of the time. Also just wondering will you church allow you to change the original vows? I know it is just a small change but my church wont,. Just asking in case you need to check that one out.
eine Posts: 196
hi what about a nice watch i bought one for my H2B goin to give it to him the night before the wedding.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Was waiting for someone to ask why not the rings! He is giving me a ring, but he doesn't want a ring for several reasons. He detests jewellery. All he wears is a watch and he doesn't even wear that half the time. He wouldn't be able to wear jewellery or wedding ring at work. He is very traditional and as both of our fathers and many people years ago never had rings, he is totally happy to join that list. He isn't at all into falsity or pretending, so he won't put one on just for the day either. I found it hard to accept when he told me all about it about two years ago and I still wish things were different on that level, but I know that it is not a commitment or relationship issue and it is purely a personal choice based mainly on the jewellery itself. It is an object to him that makes money for jewellers and nothing else and I suppose I wouldn't read much into the significance of the ring either, but I still am having one, because I want one. There would be no change in the vows. I have looked at the website and he does the ring bit. It says exchange of ring or rings and then goes on to option of gifts. Seeing priest on sunday again anyway, so will probably mention it then. I don't necessarily want it to be a gift he can carry on him. It is firstly a simple gesture from me to him and secondly, doing it at the ceremony so it won't look totally strange. Not having two rings is probably more common in America or somewhere.
Karen WOL Posts: 625
:wv Hi gramurray!! I know he doesnt like jewellery and is a bit traditional but why not get him a pocketwatch or something? They're quite vintage and very classic. You could get the date of your wedding engraved on the back. It would just be a token he could keep safe somewhere. (and he won't be able to forget your anniversary!!) My father hates jewellery and never wore a ring but my mother got him a pocketwatch years ago and he still has it, he won't admit how much it means to him but I know he cherishes it.