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corkrebel Posts: 744
Hi girls, just wonder if any of you have any ideas? I would love to get my DH a Christmas present from our little one that is due in May '07....I dont want to get something that is for the baby as I think it is tempting fate...but just a little something to mark the fact that DH will be a Dad next year! any suggestions? I do plan to write a card "from" the baby too!!! O:o)
bellabella Posts: 2750
OH Corkrebel thats a lovely idea.How about a picture frame for him office.I was looking at them the other day "daddy and me" or a football strip one for him and one for the baby or a cigar and money for a pint of guiness and you can say in the card " you can go on out now and have a pint and a cigar to celebrate my srrival, mammy and i are resting but thanks for the help during my birth" and on the outside of the envelope write "to be opened the day i am born"
babe06 Posts: 898
Ah bellabella - thats so sweet and such a good idea. Will definitely consider that. My Dhs birthday is the month before I'm due so think I'll def do the card thing then. I was planning to get DH a book of Irish names - will inscribe it from baby.