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Angcc Posts: 5
Hi Brides to be :wv I am getting married in Oct 2015 and right now I am trying to figure out what types of presents to get for MOH, Bridesmaid, BM and Groomsman..... O:| Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - I would like something different than the norm of jewelry / pocket watch / alcohol related!!!! Thanks :lvs Ang xx
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We got the bridesmaids (apart from dress, shoes, shawl, jewellery, hair piece, handbag, dressing gown, pjs, personalised hanger, hair, make up, tan, nails) a make up bag with their initial on it filled with their favourite make up (foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eye brow palette and two eye shadow palettes) and they loved them. I had to do a lot of secret snooping in their make up bags to find out what they were, but it was worth it - they were thrilled! I gave them their cards and shawl, home made handbags (each with an embroidered personalized note) filled with an emergency kit, pjs, dressing gown and hanger the night before the wedding and then gave them the make up bags the morning of. The groomsmen got (apart from rented suits, bought shirts, shoes, socks, ties, pocket squares) hand made personalised cufflinks and monogrammed tie bars. We also paid for their accommodation the night of the wedding.
nosie Posts: 449
Hmm what are they into? A beautiful print could be an idea, or a voucher for a beauty treatment or restaurant that they love. My sister gave me a lovely leather handbag as my present, while my sister-in-law brought me on a weekend away. If they like to cook, a nice piece of le crueset from Kildare Village outlet might be an idea. Or one of the nicest gifts I ever got from my best friend was a super cool cheese board and set of dinky cheese knives because we share a love of good cheese. I highly advise getting different gifts for different people so that you can really suit their own personalities.
Angcc Posts: 5
Wow amazing gifts for you both, love the make up idea and cheese selection. the leather handbag is amazing and weekend away - maybe a voucher for them with their other half away!!! Thank you both so much for your replies really appreciated :heartbeat: Ang xx
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GinGin Posts: 16
Hello! Oh I so understand you. The planning wedding is a big deal but to make present that will satisfy everyone - really a hard work. I know how it is and I find a way for myself. U can find more ideas in an interesting community Wedding Forward ([url=]click here[/url:3eztlacw] to discover more). Hope you find it helpful too=)
Angcc Posts: 5
Thanks GinGin - great website :hyper: :lvs
GinGin Posts: 16
U are welcome :)