presents for mother of the bride & groom

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kismo Posts: 214
Any ideas on presents for mother of the bride & groom. I know the norm is flowers are any of you doing something other than flowers ideas appreciated
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
We got some beautiful little compacts and pill boxes - doesn't sound great but they are gorgeous. Didn't want to give them flowers because they won't be going home for a few days and it's a waste of flowers.
gwumpy Posts: 182
I agree re flowers - they just wilt. I was thnking of getting jewellery for the two mothers - think it'd be a nice reminder for them??
kelsar Posts: 690
Im not going with flowers either, my mam coming over from England for wedding so wont be able to bring them back with her. I bought my mothers lovely jewellry in Debenhams, it is something they will always have.
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
I don't want to do the flower thing either, my own mother loves jewellery so that's probaly what I'll get her, but stuck on what to get the OH's parents. Want to get a present for both of them.......
.... Posts: 667
Diamondz Posts: 2208
We got our mothers Belleek picture frames that we gaven them on the day - we have also ordered extra photo's from the photographer so that they will have a pic to remind them of the day.... :o0
kismo Posts: 214
thanks for all the ideas, keep them coming. thats a great idea of delivering flowers before the wedding i would have never taught of that, i might just do that :o)ll
bangel Posts: 2285
There are plenty more threads on this too, so just do a search and you can get lots more inspiration there. I'm getting my mother "the mothers book" I will probably get my mother something along with the book, as she will hopefully will be giving it back to me. I'm getting FMIL a box of blessings (or something like it) And also probably an engraved compact mirror. I might change my mind yet though.
06bridenov Posts: 145
We just gave our mothers flowers...I did'nt give any present to my groom..What's that all about..? There is enough expensive / stress with the rest of the wedding besides trying to figure out what to buy each other.. crazy...... ! After the wedding we had extra albums made for our parents and we framed some family shots and they appreciated that more and it's something that they will always have.