Presents for wedding party??

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Fuchsia Posts: 91
Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of presents to buy the wedding party (including parents). I'm slow to give the mammies flowers as they only last a week and i' d rather give them a keepsake of some sort. Also, isn't jewelery a usual gift for the bridesmaids? Only thing is, you can get gorgeous costume jewelery that doesn't cost much in high street shops and I don't want to give just that as a present. what in the name of God do you give the daddies???? they all have watches! any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Fuchsia :thnk
spa-ireland Posts: 3
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ExcitedBride25 Posts: 246
Hi Fushia I wracked my brains to think of presents a while back and in the end this is what I bought: Flowergirl - Gorgeous necklace as a keepsake and wear on the day a personalised goody bag for the day Page boy - Toy story watch & personlised goody bag for the day Mams - Getting them big flower bouquets and then gorgeous brooch's as their keepsake Dads/Best Man - cufflinks/pocketwatch and lovely cards Bridesmaid - Necklace that she can wear on the day and can be worn again and a nice thank you card. That's all i can think of, there only meant to be momento's for the day really so we decided to not spend an absolute fortune on them as the budget for our wedding is low enough as it is. Most of the above was bought on ebay too, the stuff is great! *)
allaboutweddings Posts: 813
Hi Fuschia, We have gifts for the mums, dads, flowergirls, pageboys etc., on our website - under gifts for bridal party section, you might even find some ideas for the mums on the bridal jewellery section . Hope that helps, Michelle
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
What do people get Groomsmen for pressies?
chaos Posts: 1904
cufflinks usually for the groomsmen i think. thats all ours are getting, none of them have mentioned the wedding never mind offered any help,. bestman keeps fogetting the date :o0
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
well for Groomsmen we got them a little set each and in it is a pair of cufflinks, a pen and a keyring all sterling silver and look quite expensive and the best thing is they werent that much.. :o0 for the bridesmaid and flower girl going to get their jewlerry and will get something extra for my sis cos she's been so good and h2b mother and father not sure yet :wv
Fuchsia Posts: 91
thanks for those ideas. they all sound pretty good. I was thinking of getting engraved jewelery for the moms-in-law, maybe newbridge? a pretty engraved necklace for the flower girls as it will always fit no matter how old they are I like the idea of a novelty watch for the page boys, that'll go down a treat! ExcitedBride25, I loved the idea of a little goody bag! what did you have in them? Not too sure about the rest...I love the idea of getting something personalised so they always think of the wedding when they look at it! Keep the suggestions coming if ye think of any more, it's a great help! Fuchsia xx
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
For the bridesmaids I'm thinking of putting together a hamper, some personalised stuff for the 4 bridesmaids I think it'd cost about 200 euro. For the groomsmen we are thinking about getting cufflinks. We were going to personalised cufflinks but OH pointed out that they wouldnt bu used again. So we settled on their initials. I have seen a really gorgeous vase that is engraved for the mammy's, we can fill it with flowers for the day and they also have a keepsake. For the daddys not sure yet to be honest, Maybe a pocket watch but that doesn't jusp out at me
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Blacktie supply cufflinks with our suits and I don't think the lads we have in wedding party would use them again - probably loose them the next day knowing them. I have booked the lads in for hot towel shaves the morning of the wedding and thinking of getting them tickets to something that they can all go to together after the wedding - just not sure what event to buy them for yet. For the bridesmaids thinking of getting them each (plus myself) a day ticket for the Sunday in Oxegen as they have all said they'd love to go this year - just waiting to see what the funds are like before the wedding first to see if I can afford them :)