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secret26 Posts: 87
Should we get the fathers a presents. We have the mothers sorted but don't want to leave the Dads out. Any suggestions.
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
nat to be honest i think this is just another money spinning idea....i mean moms get flowers dads dont really want anything 90% of the time but you could get them a nice pen or something small like that if you wanted..just my opinion.
secret26 Posts: 87
So true i just wanted to see if anyone else was doing anything thats all. Kind of looking for problems now. The usual thing that i think i have forgotton something
bangel Posts: 2285
I'm getting the dads a pocketwatch with something engraved. they are quite cheap on ebay, but they will like them.
Betsy May Posts: 2168
We are getting silver cufflinks for all the groomsmen and ordered a pair for my brother who is walking me down the aisle as a sort of thank you. H2B decided he would like his father to have a pair too, just because.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
we got FIL a watch - not too expensive but he loved it. My dad has quite a few watches (he a bit of a collector) so we got him a pair of designer cufflinks. They were both surprised and delighted to receive their gifts so I'm really glad we gave them gifts on the day - otherwise they would have been the only ones at the top table not to receive anything... *)