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citygirl Posts: 154
Hi Ladies My best friend has just had her first baby and I want to put together a box of goodies for her. Everyone is buying lots of stuff for the baby and I wanted to give her something as well. They'll both be in hospital for another few days due to some complications, but nothing too serious thank god. Anyway I'm putting together a gift box of little treats, so far have got her a travel Mac make-up set, some creams (her fav moisturiser, hand-cream, etc), warming slippers (they heat up) and a couple more bits and pieces. Am looking for some more idea's of other things to include. Anything you can think of that you think would be nice for a new mum?? All suggestions greatly appreciated Thanx Girls
mama sugar Posts: 1387
what about a voucher to get her hair done in the hairdressers it would be nice when she will be a busy mum and you can put a baby sitting voucher that when she is going to the hair dressers you'll baby sit? your a lovely friend she will be so happy with the tought you put into this x
citygirl Posts: 154
Hiya Thanks for that, good idea, she does have a haridresser who always comes round to her house, so if I could get a hold of her number I could arrange something like that. Any more ideas girls? Have to admit, I never come onto this section of the site (no reason to) and never thought to read other threads here, so my apologies if ye are always being asked this question!!
lalalala Posts: 224
Depending if shes breastfeeding or not, you could give her a voucher for a massage or arrange for someone to go to her house to pamper her, like a manicure or something girly. I would have loved a massage in the post baby days, though leaky sore boobs would definitely reduce the pleasure so I never had one! You;re a lovely friend!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
What a lovely idea CityGirl! Haven't had a baby (yet) myself, but I'd imagine what would be really helpful to her is to have you around for a while once she gets settled in back home (if you can spare some time of course), especially if her partner is back at work, etc. I can only imagine that she'll be exhausted with all her attention focused on the baby, and may need some help in other areas (cooking dinner, ironing, maybe?)
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
something nice and cosy for her bed like a nice paul costello throw ( from dunnes) or some nice sheets or duvet covers-she'll appreciate any time she gets in her bed! a nice dressing gown for slouching around in all day. a nice tracksuit or pj's for slouching around in a nice journal-seen them in easons- to record her day to day stuff with the baby,,if she has time!! if shes a coffee drinker, a mini precultor thingy ( if she doesnt have one) u know withthe plunger theyre only €10 or something with some nice coffee and a nice big mug to go with it, i would have loved that when ds was younger!! as it only takes a second then to have a nice big mug of coffee to hand! a few nice goodies from m & s that she can stick in the freezer /press, a bt of luxury!! few suggestions there h2h x
citygirl Posts: 154
Girls, thanks a mill, some nice ideas there! Will get onto it!