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missusme Posts: 5
Hi girls, I need help big time. I've no idea what to get my girls or fellas. I've no idea what the norm is. I've bought them jewellery for the day but it was just stuff from Claire's Acces. I kind of want to get something that they can keep forever. However, I know for men that is very hard. Don't fancy buying cufflinks as the men I have just wouldnt use them. Also what to get 2yr old flower girl & 8 yr old Paige boy. Thanks girls x
juju14 Posts: 187
hiya im in same boat , no idea what to get the best men! for the bridemaids im going to buy them a piece of jewellery they can wear on day and keep. My 9 year old niece is a junior bridesmaid so would like to get her something special too. I have 2 other niece doing flower girls they are 3 and 5 i spotted these the other day what do you think? i thought they were cute
Dolally Posts: 394
It's all about the budget... I'm buying my bmaids pj's (penny's) with their initial transferred on, jewellery for the day (costume) silk robes and slippers also for wedding morning.. I'll also get them a bag. I have shoes for the evening to change into and some sweets.I will put all these in a hat box. The lads.... Cufflinks and socks and buying their shoes :)
missusme Posts: 5
Them bracelets are fab, love them. Think my girl just a little too small. It would suit Ur girls ages perfect. My h2b thinks aftershave for the best men or something along them lines. My head is fried from it all. I will be buying their shoes & all the other Nick nacks too so maybe the robes for the morning would be nice & that would be enough with the jewellery.. Thanks girls x
Sarah4 Posts: 309
I'm getting the men vouchers for nice restaurants close to where they live (UK not Ireland). And my plan was to get the BM nice jewelery for the day that they can wear again. But I am on a big budget for the day! So It will all depend on this! *)
juju14 Posts: 187
Budgets are terrible, im on one too. Hoping to get some nice jewellery but not too expensive for the girls. The best men i was thinking of maybe aftershave too. Are yous all buying your best men their shoes?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We're planing on getting our flowergirl a rag doll from the collection of them that she likes...We're also doing an activity pack for her for the day... My bridesmaids are getting their jewellery, shoes, bags etc for the day but as a gift I'm getting them a make up bag filled with their favourite cosmetics... The men are again getting shoes and accessories but will get a gift on top of that...that's for h2b to decide...not cufflinks, not hip flasks...not sure what yet though...
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
DH bought the groomsmen hip-flasks and had them engraved, it's not the most original gift but he couldn't think what else to get! I bought beautiful kimonos for the bridesmaids, bracelets & floral hair clips for the wedding day and I framed a group photo of us all with a nice message written on it for each of them. There's no need to go mental, keep an eye on the budget and bear in mind that it's a privilege to be asked to be in someone's bridal party, most people are happy to do it (though not everyone, judging by the stories on WOL :o0 )
Sarah4 Posts: 309
BTW When I say big budget I mean strict not BIG as in lots of it! ha ha Some great ideas here though! I never thought about BM shoes! Another thing to ass to my list :eek Plus I forgot about my Flower girls as they are my own children! I guess I better get them something aswell!
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