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BlueP Posts: 238
Got solid smiley on clear blue advanced on Friday at 8am but Hubbie couldn't complete the deed last night as he said he felt too under pressure. We aim to try again tonight. We dtd on Wed night which was day 11. Am I too late if we are successful in dtd tonight?I am so worried we missed out. Please help
whereland Posts: 472
If you have a regular 28 day cycle you can conceive anywhere from day 10 up to 16/18 so don't be too disheartened. I know how stressful this all can be though.
BlueP Posts: 238
It was 27 day cycle last month and 31 this month so don't know. I feel sick at thought of not giving it a fair go but wait and see I suppose. I got a message from an app I am using to say that my egg will be broken up today if not fertilised so disheartened by that, how accurate it is am not sure
whereland Posts: 472
I would go with really not accurate! The app has no clue what's happening inside your body at this moment it's just a rough guide. Honestly I've been told by several doctors not to be too hung up on needing to do it on day 14, the days either side are just as important
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Honestly don't be too hung up on apps/day 14 etc. I've been pregnant 5 times (2 little kids and #3 on the way) and although I have very regular cycles, each time I got pg on different days of cycle. One time I got pg dtd just on cd 9 of 28 day cycle. Another I got smiley face on cd 11 and dtd cd12. What I can also tell you is we tried for 7 months with our first - all supposedly perfect timing around cd 14 and it became so stressful. The 6th month I got totally fed, said feck it prob never going to happen and got pg!! Each of the following pregnancies I never got hung up on it, just dtd after af finished for about a week. Best of luck xxx baby dust xxx
BlueP Posts: 238
Thanks everyone for replying. Got the deed done yesterday around 32 hours after positive on opk. Today I have ewcm which I am taking as positive that I was still ovulating. I feel better reading that dtd two days before O is nearly as good as day you ovulate. We managed that on Wed night then opk positive on Fri so hopeful that I might still have a chance
atina Posts: 2240
I remember trying for my first my husband was the same so I started not telling him when I was ovulating so there wasn't as much pressure on him!
Sunshine_30 Posts: 89
Hey! Just thought I would say sex before ovulation, so a day or two is what we recommend. I am a fertility nurse specialist. Also sex when it feels like you want it really helps too. I say that because the pressure is tough and having sex and fun when you feel like it is okay too. Good luck with it xxx
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi sunshine, we recently started trying, and I find it really hard to tell when I'm a few days before ov. My cycle varies from 27 days to 41 days! I also haven't seen any ecwm for a long time (more than a year). Does this mean I'm not ovulating? I tried the ov kits last month every day from day 10 to day 20 but didn't get any positive. We just had sex every day to be on the safe side (he was delighted!!) but then my best friend told me having sex every day is not the answer as the strength of the sperm decreases. So confused! Any advice?