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Mrs Jones Posts: 566
hi gals, I have been quoted £90 (sterling) per hour for hair on the day and she doesn't charge for travel because it isn't that far. She will bring an assistant as well and there will be me, one BM and 2 mums to do. Is this fairly reasonable? Shouldn't take more than 2 hours so that is about £180 or about 265 euro :wv
DelMay07 Posts: 74
hiya I have a hair trial on tuesday by a freelance stylist she is charging me €250 for 3 of us and I have another two to get done so its an extra €80 each so costing €410 altogether.....I think this is very expensive!...hav another hair trial on Friday in a salon two mins from my mothers house so going to go to her and see what she is like!...she is charging €50 for me and €45 for my think if she does what I want and I like it i'll go with her..had a hair trial few agos with a different hairdresser and i didn;t like it one bit....she didn't want to do anything I asked her with my hair!