Prickly Heat????

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paperclips Posts: 3146
Anyone else suffer from prickly heat?? We're going on hols sat week and the last two sun hols we've been on I've got prickly heat and it totally ruins it for me cos I am a total sun worshiper but have to sit in the bloody shade >:o( >:o( >:o( Any one got any good advice. I took antihistamines a week before the last hols and it didnt make a difference. I want to come back a tanned goddess and not a red rash with a couple of freckles on my nose :o(
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Yep I got a desperate case of it one year in Lanzarote. I'm afraid my solution wasn't very p.c tho & in my defense I was young & desperate. Antihistamines and a few goes on the sun bed prior to going to ease my skin into the heat exposure did the trick for me. If I was to be going now, I don't know what I'd do tho.
Ms Gilbert Posts: 322
My doctor told me that it's a mix of the sun cream, chlorine etc clogging your pores. I am a sun Goddess as well and I have suffered with this for years and I read in maagizine that green people sun cream was very good. I used it this year on holidays, took antihistimines one week before hand and while I was there and no prickly heat! I also made sure I showered coming out of the pool and had a bottle of aloe vera on stand by. My mother gets it much worse then me and she tried the green people sun cream this year and so also had some powder that my aunt got in the US especially for prickly heat and she had hardly any rash when she got back from 3 weeks in Spain in August! Hope that helps :wv
Jawl Posts: 8881
I was in Lanzarote last month, and our hotel had a 'sun care advisor'. She advised us to buy sun cream ONLY with 'aqua/water' as the main ingredient. The secret is moisturising your skin. Your moisturiser shoudl also have only with Aqua/water as the main ingredient. Because anything with alcohol dries out your skin and she said this also prevents prickly heat. H2b didn't get it once all holiday! Mind you I looked a right nutter in the supermarket checking EVERY sun cream bottle! ha ha