prickly pairs - any feedback? can I hear them online?

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midlandsbride Posts: 82
Hi Ive had the prickly pairs recommended to me for our wedding. I'm hoping to go see them shortly but in the mean time does anyone have any feedback on them ? or know if they have any audio up on the web? Ive checked out their website and just don't seem to be able to locate any samples. Really appreciate any help
googoo Posts: 216
I saw them last week at a wedding. They were very good - good clear sound and good song choice. My taste in music isn;t great though (love all the Saw Doctors and a good bit of the country music)!!! The people I was with are a bit more music savy and they thought they were fab too. Was the dance floor full - afraid not - but I think that was more the venue not the band. The bar was in another room, there was another room (along with bar) that had comfy sofa's and the bands room opened up onto gardens (it was a lovely night and lots of people stayed outside drinking O-O ) so there really wasn't too many people in the band's room. Go along and have a listen is the best suggestion, but I think they had a great sound and seemed to be very professional!!!
midlandsbride Posts: 82
Thanks for the feedback Googoo, Im going to have to try and go along and see them
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
Hiya midlandsbride my ohs brother had them at his wedding in Cabra Castle in 2007 and they were great, everyone was talking about them the next day!! The dancefloor was never empty... I would highly recommend them...
Asics Posts: 1935
Heard them last year at a wedding & they were brill dance floor was jammers for the nite O-O They were too expensive for us can't rem what it was now but we went with The Black Knights & they were fantastic everyone was asking me who the band were they were brill & played a good mix of everything :o)ll