Priest, help please

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shaundow Posts: 269
Hi all I know you pay the priest and ppl say 150-200e for the priest which is grand but what happens if there are two priests???? Do both get that much money or what happens? We will also be inviting them to the wedding but do you have to pay both the same amount. Thanks all :wv
sinduf Posts: 261
If your having two I presume you asked the second one to celebrate your cermony with you (ie..a relation who's a priest). If thats the case I think you only pay the priest who is from the church your using not the priest you asked to celebrate your cermony with you. Hope that makes sense.
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Similar problem here. Looks like we are having four priests (long story!) but none are from the parish where we are getting married. Advice??? Assuming we have to make offering to parish but not sure what to do about the four.
sinduf Posts: 261
Four OMG it must be a long story. You'd defo have to give something to the parish where church is. As for paying the 4 priests I'm not sure. It would depend on the above if they are a relation or close friend then I would say you do not pay them. If its a priest you knew and requested he did ceremony and not local parish priest then I would say you'd have to pay him.