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vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Partyon there's nothing stopping you starting your leave on 1st Sept- off the top of my head you can start your leave anytime from 24/26 weeks however that means you'll lose those weeks at the other end. If you started on 1st sept, you'd be due back at the start of March but if you took 3/4 weeks unpaid leave you'd be officially back to work for the Easter holidays so would be paid but the not back to school until after the Easter holidays which is 13th April meaning your baby would be just around 6 months old (26 weeks) [[b:2debli6x]if[/b:2debli6x] he/she arrives early!!] Alternatively, you don't know how you'll be feeling at the start of Sept & your doctor could decide you're not fit for work and sign you off sick until you're due to start your mat leave. I'm only just back to work and had 4 weeks off before my Ds decided to put in an appearance which meant, after taking over a month unpaid leave he was still only 6.5 months when I went back to work. I'd have much preferred to have had those 4 weeks at the end when his personality was really starting to come to the fore. Just something to consider but it all depends on what you'd prefer. Best of luck with the pregnancy!
partyon Posts: 77
Thanks a million for info yes will just see how things go n decide nearer time lots to think bout n lots of choices!! Thank u
cw2bmum Posts: 387
No, If you are due Oct You wouldn't get the leave in lieu beforehand as you will be back before summer hols & so you have the 29 days and more over the summer. You must get the 29 days between sep - sep so it depends when your mat leave falls. If mat leave doesn't fall over summer hols, chances are you won't be entitled to them!