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cosy toes Posts: 38
Hi Girls, Just trying to make sense of the into maternity info. I'm perm and have been for a few years. I think i'm due on new years eve!!!!! When does that mean that i will go back to work? I realise that I have 26 weeks but not sure re summer hols. I think I'm back in october maybe??? Is anyone thinking about changing dates? I was thinking maybe putting down the second week on jan so my matermity would start when we went back to school??? Thanks for your help in advance. CT :wv
jenokeo Posts: 22
I had my baby 10th January I started maternity leave from day we were due back from christmas hols my maternity leave was up last week in September I think put dates forward unless u feel very unwell etc because its better have time with the baby rather than sitting at home waiting to have it
cosy toes Posts: 38
Thanks Jenokeo. Thats realy good to know. I think that going on maternity leave from the day we go back to school is a great idea. It's good to talk to another teacher. Thank you :thnk
sally2010 Posts: 16
Hi, Just looking for info on this also - can any1 shed some light It is my understanding that if I go leave before Christmas that I can add unpaid leave directly to my paid leave to get me to the summer and then commence my Days in Lieu in September. My school think that I lose my these days once the summer comes as I only get 30 days - but I am telling them that it is 30 working days not just 30 days. I have rang the dept who agree with me - has any1 else has this problem? Thanks in advance for your help. :duh:
cosy toes Posts: 38
Thats my understanding too. I think you add your remaining days onto september!!! That's my plan but i'd love to hear what others think.
sally2010 Posts: 16
Hi, Thanks for the reply cosytoes - well I have rang the Dept twice and the INTO once before I asked for my date. So going to fight my corner to get the days in September ( and interrupt another school year!!).You may not get so many days back ( depending on calender 18ish) - unless you go early January as the days of the holidays may get you more days in September ? But it;s a minefield!
sally2010 Posts: 16
or actually it's the same either way as you'll get the days from July back ...........
christmasbaby Posts: 100
I'm trying to figure this out too. I'm going to start leave in the middle of Nov which means I'd be due back on September 1st but I've said at school that I might still take unpaid to take me to the end of the year & then my days in lieu in Sept (28 days for our school) The secretary agrees that I should be able to do that, that is take 6 weeks or so unpaid, paid for the summer & then my days in lieu after the summer, so that would get me up to this time next year or so. But I would like to be sure! I haven't rang, next week's job, we've just finished a WSE, talk about rotten timing!! So I'm finishing a little early mostly because I'm travelling a bit to school & weather could be bad then & I've infants & am already feeling wrecked! But would like to be able to have this option to lengthen leave if I want to. I think you just have to give them 6 weeks notice if you choose to take unpaid leave to that will be a decision for March/April & hopefully by then I will find decision making easier!! Anyway I don't think I really helped here, just talking it out really. xxx
mrsmiaow Posts: 356
I'm due 30th December and was thinking of going off around middle of December! I didn't realise I could take unpaid days up to Summer- for some reason I thought if I took unpaid after 26 weeks maternity leave it had to be until the end of August! I'm worried about the weather getting bad before I go off on mat leave and having to travel on the roads!! When would we have to decide final date for going off?
ozzy08 Posts: 272
Hey christmas baby just wondering are you taking course days to bring you up to 1st September. Im starting my maternity leave on 21st nov and im back in June for the last 3 days of term? I suppose the few days will be good to get me back into it but would have loved to not have to go back til 1st sept. :)