Princess Grace Dress

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DiamondDaisy Posts: 147
Do you think it's a bit too 'old' or old fashioned? I love it but my sis thinks it makes me look older than other dresses I've tried on! ... y-gown.jpg My dress is kinda like this one ... -S5016.jpg
WaltKawolski Posts: 149
I love the idea of the Grace Kelly dress. However, I thought it might be bit stuffy too. I have my heart set on a strapless gown that I can wear a lace "top" (for want of a better word) over - top will have long lace sleeves and high collar. My hope is to wear the dress with lace top to the ceremony and meal and then remove the top for the dancing.
adorabelle Posts: 880
I think the Grace Kelly look is beautiful, elegant and classy - its a great look...
nearlytherenow Posts: 1072
its very covered up?? its a lovely dress but i do think its a bit aging!
cem2 Posts: 111
I think it's lovely - I prefer it to the maggie one. Where'd you find it?
It is a very beautiful and classic looking dress but my only concern with it is you would be very hot in it as it does look very covered up. X
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
I love the Grace Kelly dress. I think it makes a change from the strapless gowns that a lot of brides go for. I'd love something similar
sharmon Posts: 437
Love Love the Grace Kelly dress, the other one is nice too. My dress is sort of similar but just has little cap sleeves, I think it's v elegant, I would hate for my boobs to be hanging out or showing too much flesh were getting married not going to a night club!! Sorry I sound v old fashioned & maybe I am but I don't want the priest destracted on the day!!
Penny_Bride2Be Posts: 254
Think it's lovely and very different. It would be more suited to a winter/spring wedding I guess with the long sleeves but think it's very pretty
millicent Posts: 212
If you're looking for something a bit 'lighter' with a modern twist you could try the 'Grace Kelly' dress by David Fielden.