Printing mass booklets in Publisher - help please

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Beverly Hill Posts: 591
Hi Girls, This is driving me mental. I am having problems prinitng the thing O:| I have selcted booklet and landscape etc and print preview looks ok. But when it prints, some of the pages are in the wrong order and upside down??? Can anyone help me before I lose my mind altogether??? :thnk :thnk :thnk
emma_b Posts: 234
Hi I have a 16 page template (A5 size) in Word and MacWord... I can send it to you if it will help... PM me your email address. You can always paste your template over it - may be quicker/easier than battling with Publisher!
MrsS to be Posts: 69
Emma B, would you mind emailing me the template too? We are also having a nightmare with ours...I will pm you my email address...thanks :thnk
Beverly Hill Posts: 591
Thanks Emma-B, Half my hair is gone but I finally got it so no need for the template. I never want to see a mass booklet again after this wedding :o0
vonanto Posts: 395
Hey Emma B can you please email me the template also. I would never have believed it was so dificult to out together a mass booklet!!! I'll pm you with my email address