Priority Seating on Ryanair?

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NotHere Posts: 10273
Sorry for all the questions this morning :-8 I was reading "What to Expect when you're Expecting" and it said that when flying you should ask for priority seating in advance. Can you do this with Ryanair? I thought that was just for parents with kids, not mammy-to-be's?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I think you are supposed to make sure you are not seated at the emergency doors as if you are you are expected to help open the doors in an emergency and obviously you cant do that when pregnant.
charli Posts: 5994
gee i dont know but with Ryanair you are lucky to even get a seat! i know coming back from Rome they announced at boarding for all travelling with children/buggies to make their way to the top - dont remember anything said about pregnant ladies look up their website though as there is something about priority boarding
NotHere Posts: 10273
[quote="charli":j9tu8a1j] look up their website though as there is something about priority boarding[/quote:j9tu8a1j] Will do that, thanks!
daisyduke22 Posts: 269
U can buy a priority boarding card for €3 when ur booking ur ticket on-line (or at the Ryanair dest @ airport) which allows u to get boarded first b4 anyone else, so ul have ur pick of seats...
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:31izckae]When I was flying last week I rang Panarama to see if we could book the emergency exit seats and I proudly announced that I was pregnant thinking she'd be like, oh of course you can have the emergency exit seats!! Sadly, I was shot down straight away!! They won't allow pregnant women in the Emergency exit seats in case they need those seats if someone has a heart attack or something!! A friend told me that when she was pregnant and sitting in the emergency exit seats was asked to move seats!! Don't know what airline that was with!! When they make the first call with parents with kids etc. absolutely walk down with them!! Why should you be standing waiting to be seated for ages!! If anyone says anything to you ask them would they like the flight to be delayed by an hour in case you faint while lining up to take your seat?? They'll soon change their tune!![/color:31izckae]
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Abit off topic but for my hen's weekend we all went abroad and it ended up that my friend automatically got a priority boarding card (for my hen's weekend) and she took it :ooh never offered it to me as i had booked everything and of couse me being the hen.friends and i were gobsmaked she didnt offer instead she sat on the plane for half an hour on her own while we were in departures.And as we all discussed the most logical thing to do was to give to someone with a kid or something but nope.Im not bitter at all i swear. >:o(
sinion Posts: 6050
When they make the announcement, their exact words are "Passengers with young children [i:axmcofrr]or those requiring assistance[/i:axmcofrr]" so you should definitely get priority boarding :wv
shocked22 Posts: 511
Everyone has to pay for priority boarding on Ryanair now. I flew with them last year when pregnant and she gave me a priority boarding card but that has all changed now. Families, disabled, everyone has to buy the priority boarding......HTH.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I am scared I wont fit into the seat imagine :-8 :-8 :-8 :-8