Private Antenatal classes in Galway??

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Hi, Does anyone know where I could get private antenatal classes in Galway? I live near Gort so I could go to Ennis either....both Galway and Ennis are roughly the same distance from me... Have booked into the public ones but DH has been told he will be away with work for 2 of the 4 classes and he wants to attend with if we could book a private class it would suit better. Thanks
babytoes Posts: 35
Hi Blondie-Chick, I investigated this as I live in Galway and my DH can't make the evening antenatel classes either. I am booked on to a one day course in Salthill run by a private company called Planet Earth. It is a one day Saturday course with a midwife with much experience. They run courses in Dublin too. They have a website you might want to check out. They are quite pricey though at 180 euro for the day. Hope that helps :)
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Babytoes, thanks so much for that info! I will google it now and look....would pay the 180 Euro just so DH can do it too...we are both so clueless! Thanks again :thnk