Private care...Tax Relief??

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niamh086 Posts: 119
Hi there, this probably sounds like a dumb question but am sure someone knows the answer!!We are going private in Waterford and consultants fees are 2500.VHI give back 400 of that but can my husband claim tax relief on the rest?I have claimed a tax refund as I wont be working again this year so obviously I cant claim it!!Do we need to get the receipts changed into his name too?? O:|
Daff Posts: 11644
You claim it back at the end of the year (well start of new year) with your MED1. They'll put it into your accoutn for you. If your receipts are for last year than same thing applies but you can get it this year. Register on and you can do it all online. Very simple and quick. Just doing ours from last year at hte moment.
grazia Posts: 740
If you are married & jointly assessed for tax then yes he can claim the tax relief on your medical expenses. No need to get them in his name.
niamh086 Posts: 119
Thanks ladies,babs not due till June so it will be the end of the year when we claim!!!
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i sent my form off in December and have heard nothing back. >:o(
Wife09 Posts: 873
Its 21% you get back! Funkyfish we put ours in January and got nice cheque back 2 weeks ago! Check it up with them!