Private in Portlaoise v Private in The Coombe

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2012 Mammy Posts: 344
Hi all I am 10wks 3 days pregnant following 5 rounds of IVF. We have decided to go private because it took so long for us to get this pregnancy and also because of my age and previous m/c. We are trying to decide between going private in the Coombe under Prof De*rdre Murphy or private in Portlaoise under Dr M*riam Doyle. Portlaoise hosp is a lot more convient for us in terms of location but we want the best care possible so are willing to travel the extra if needs be. There is not much difference in cost between the two consultants. We had more or less made up our minds about going to the Coombe and I am supposed to book in there next week and I've already had two scans with Prof Murphy but I had a big bleed last week and I ended up in Portlaoise hosp as it was nearby and the care I got there was excellent and I met Dr Doyle. Now I'm confused about wheter to stick with the Coombe or change to Portlaoise. I have to decide asap as I need to book into which ever one I'm going to by next week. Has anyone experience of the Coombe v Portlaoise or Prof Murphy v Dr Doyle or just any advice in general ?? Thanks
browz Posts: 256
I dont have experience of either consultant or hospital but going on your post id probably switch to Portlaoise as you said you were very happy with their care and its more convenient for your antenatal apps. When it comes to labour i dont know, either hospital you would be dealing with midwives until delivery, yes? then the consultant would deliver, but if yoursis on holiday it would be another one anyway, whatever hospital. Am sure having experienced a bit in both u probably have a gut feeling, go with that. Hope I havent rambled too much :wv
MrsRed Posts: 397
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I went private with dr doyle for my ds, and so did my sister. Found her excellent, and v thorough. What I really appreciated about her was the post natal care,she saw me at least 4 times since having ds. Portlaoise Hosp were brilliant too I have to say, any questions feel free to pm!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
No experience whatsoever of either doctor or any kind of maternity care but I've tried out a few hospitals in my time and portlaoise is by far my favourite. The place is lovely, the people are lovely. You'd be well taken care of
bolababy Posts: 706
I am attending Dr D in Portlaois privately. This is my second baby. I had a very difficult labour the first time round and she literally spent the guts of two days with me. Great care from here. No complaints. No opinion on that Coombe consultant. What I woiuld say, and was the deciding factor for me (I'm originally from DUblin and was born in the coombe myself) is that towards the end of my last pregnancy, I ended up with preecl;ampsia. I had weekly appointments, having to go to hosp for trace etc. My son was born in feb 2011 so this was all happening in the deep freeze/snow of that winter if you remember, and boy was I glad I wasn't traipsing up to dublin. Ironically I'm now 36 weeks and have had no probs, and roads are grand! But I think if you would be happy with your level of care locally, go with that because at the end when you are big, tired and uncomfortable, you'll want what is easier. The midwives/staff in Portlaois are lovely, as is the l;actation consultant. of course they are overworked and under staffed, but you'll get that anywhere. Dr D is very patient, and patient choice orientated. If you have extra worries because of this being IVF preg, she'd definately take them on board etc, but maybe the other consultant would too. My only negative about Portlaois is the private rooms dont have their own bathrooms.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
One of the deciding factors for me would be what kind of facilities would there be for the baby if it required special care, if god forbid there was anything wrong. Would the baby be whipped straight up to Dublin?
2012 Mammy Posts: 344
Thanks for all your replies. It' food for thought :)