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Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I'm attending Dr Sam in the Rotunda. As we lost our last little girl this pregnancy is deemed high risk, which is why we are going private. Had our first appointment last week, when we were 9wks. All looks great thank god. I opted not to do combined care, as my GP is on maternity leave and I'm not too happy with the locum. When I went to make my next appointment, he told me to come back in 12wks :eek . Which means I'll have been seen at 9wks and then not seen again by anybody until I'm 21wks. Surely this is a long wait, especially if you are high risk. I expected to be seen at least every 4-6wks. Anybody going private with Dr Sam, and how often are you seen? Also another question. I've always done combined care, so I'm not sure how it works now that I'm not. For example, I suspect I have a kidney infection, now usually I'd go straight down to my gp, while I still can do that it won't be covered under pregnancy care. So do I go to the hospital and get them to check me out? Thanks :thnk
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi Rocket Queen, congrats on your pregnancy. That's great that all is looking good with your little bean, sorry to hear abput your previous loss. I'm private in the Rotunda too, but not with Dr Sam. I am 30 weeks pg now but from 12 to 24 weeks I was seen every 4 weeks. Do you think he may have meant come back when you are 12 weeks pregnant rather than come back in another 12 weeks. Did his secretary give you an appointment? You shouldn't be waiting so long between appointments if you are private, particularly if you are high risk. If your apt is in another 12 weeks I would give him a call to check this and ask could you have one sooner. I'm not doing combined care either but did sign a form at my gp when confirming my pregnancy (not sure what if was for - it was a locum too who didn't really explain it). I've been to the doc for a kidney infection myself and didn't have to pay. I think you get up to 12 pg related visits to the doc for free...maybe one of the other girls could confirm this though. HTH
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
Hi Rocket Queen, I'm going private in The Rotunda also, but not with Sam. I was seen @ 12.5 weeks, then again @ 17 weeks and will be seen again @ 21.5 weeks (due to Christmas, its a bit later than it should be) I signed the combined care form with my GP when I had the pregnancy confirmed with him at 5/6ish weeks, but with private clinic appointments so close together, I haven't really had to go to gp. I did go once between private appointments, just for some reassurance and I was covered for this as it was preg related, and I wasn't charged because I was on combined care. If I were you I would ring the private clinic. They are very nice and will set you straight. Tell them your concerns. This is what you are paying for after all. My bet is that Buttons is correct, and as you are high risk, they will want you back at 12 weeks. Ring now straight away, so they can fit you in as near to your 12 weeks as possible. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :stork:
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Thanks for the replies. No he definitely meant 12wks time because he said I'd be due my big scan then too and to book that for the same day. I wasn't happy about it on the day, and said it to secretary who said to ring and make a closer appointment if I felt I needed it - which is what I'm going to do today. I'm a bit pissed off about it tbh. I shouldn't have to keep tabs (as such) on my consultant, and question what he says. The whole reason I'm going private is for all that worry to be taken off me, I want him to take charge, but to do a good job iykwim. Maybe I'm not really high risk, as he sees it. He did say there was nothing he could do to prevent it happening again, but a bit of reassurance from a monthly checkup would help me, and I can see it doing no harm for baby either.
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
I totally understand where you are coming from RQ. It's not really acceptable. Ring the private clinic and make an appointment for sooner. When you meet Sam again, explain your concerns and disappointment. You shouldn't have to keep tabs. Of course he can't prevent it from happening again but more regular appointments would ease your mind I'm sure. I thought that by doing combined care I wouldnt be seen as much by consultant but he's been giving me appointments ever 4/5 weeks. Maybe this is just the way Sam operates? I wonder is there anyone else here who has been under him who could advise you further..
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Hi there hun, Am not going private but am semi-p in the Rotunda, have been seen every 4 wks also since my booking in visit. Deffo think you should ring the clinic and see what the story is, they are there today as i was in this morning. *)
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Im going private to the Rotunda, Im not high risk but I have still been seen about once a month - so like the others about every 4 weeks. I wouldnt be happy at all being told to come back nearly 3 months later, especially as you are high risk. Id ring and make an appointment for sooner and as the others said, explain your concerns - thats what your paying for. Re your kidney infection - well, if its not specifically pregnancy related and its not serious enough to need to go to a hospital I would think you would just need to go to your GP and pay for the visit? I have been very sick twice since getting pregnant and both times my GP charged me as they werent specifically CC visits at the designated weeks - and I dont know if a private consultant would be willing to see you for something like a kidney infection, and A&E probably isnt the best idea either unless you are suffering an incredible amount? Id think the GP is the best person for that TBH.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
RQ, that's too long to wait. You should definitely have a scan around the 13/14 week mark for starters & you need to see the midwives in the private clinic too to get your paperwork sorted & bloods done. I was seen at 8 & 12 weeks and have my next visit next week, I was seen at 16 weeks & 20 weeks on DS as well but with Christmas this year I missed a visit. If you want to go to your GP, just go & fill out the combined care form there. You're entitled to 6 free visits so you might as well use them if you have to. I didn't do combined care on DS & amn't doing it this time either but I got an ear infection when pg on DS, went to GP with it & just signed combined care form there & then and wasn't charged. I never went for an ante-natal visit to the GP. Ring your consultant's secretary next week & book in for a 13 week appointment, you're paying enough for his services so are definitely entitled to be seen more regularily.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Hi RQ I was also private in the Rotunda but not with Dr Sam, I definetely wouldnt be happy with that at all!! I didnt do combined care with my GP either and saw my cons on average every 4 or so weeks and then obviously then every week - 10days towards the end. Not only are you paying for the reassurance of private care but you're high risk too, I would def ring the girls in the private clinic and ask for an earlier app. Just thinking is it Sam C-S the master you're seeing - just wondering if this could be why there is such a length between your apps - no excuse for it now but may be why?? Best of luck with everything! *)
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi RQ, like the other girls, i'm private in rotunda - not with dr sam though. and like the others, can't believe how long you are being left to wait between appmts. i didnt want to do combined care - the way i saw it, i'm paying for private, so i expect to see my doc every 4 weeks.... and to be fair to my consultant, i havent had to ask for that... all my appmts have been scheduled 4 weeks apart. i'd call your consultant up and look for more appmts.... as for combined care, my gp suggested i sign up for the combned care scheme even if i wasnt planning on using it. so i did, and i've had 2 appmts with my gp in between consultants appmts and each time i wasnt charged, so i'd recommend you do the same. we're all rooting for you rq.... this pregnancy is going to go perfectly. :action31