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fizzie09 Posts: 114
So happy to now be part of this forum I am a total newbie and am already picking up lots of tips. Can I get some advice on Private or Semi private options in the Rotunda? Could anyone give me an idea of the cost of both. I am trying to make a decision on what is the sest way to go. Thanks :)
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
Hi Fizzie! First of all - congratulations on your BFP :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll The prices for the Rotunda are as follows - semi-private is 1,200 euro. This includes your scans. It is payable on your booking visit (around 12-14 weeks). Your health insurance will cover the expense of the room and c-section etc if needed - this 1200 is additional to what your health insurance covers (some plans will allow you claim up to 285 euro back as far as I'm aware, but you'd need to ring your insurer to check). You can also claim 20% of this payment back from Revenue as part of your tax relief. Private costs varies depending on what consultant you choose - it is between 3,500 and 4,600 (for Prof Malone - and this includes 4D scan). There are many threads re private consultants on the site if you need some advice! They are also listed on the Rotunda website - Once again, this money is additional to what your private health insurance will cover. YOu can claim back 20% of it from Revenue as tax relief, same as semi-private. Best of luck in your decision!! p.s. Going private means that you see the same consultant on each visit. If they are available (e.g. not on holidays/sick leave) that consultant will be present at the birth. You may not get a private room - that will depend on occupancy of the hospital. Going semi-private means that you will be put under a consultant but it will not be him/her that sees you on each visit. It will be part of their team. You are not guaranteed a semi-private room - once again, that depends on availability. Hope that helps!