Private room as public patient

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Novemberpearl Posts: 91
Girls, just wondering if anyone can advise if you can get a private room under vhi healthcare in public maternity hospital? We went public care for this pregnancy and I've heard that private rooms in ante/ post natal wards are only available to private care patients. We have vhi healthcare which covers private room in public hospital but now I'm thinking it's every ward except maternity unless your a private patient if I'm making sense???
Dollydo Posts: 759
My understanding is you go private for your whole pregnancy and get the private room. I was semi private last time and paid for consultant and scans and was in a semi private ward. This time I'm public and will be in a public ward. I dot think you can just choose private rooms after public care despite vhi. I could stab corrected on that though
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Well preference is given to those that go private for whole pregnancy but I have heard that if they are not too busy and have some private rooms vacant they may give it to those that are going public but have private health insurance. It means rather than leaving the room empty they put you in it and claim off your insurance for it. I asked last time if I could go public for appointments but go private for the hospital stay and they said no they don't do that. Went private both times and got a private room both times.
Novemberpearl Posts: 91
Thanks for the replies, that makes sense busydee! I can imagine bacause the hospitals are always kept busy, they tend to keep the private rooms for private care patients that may come in during the night etc.
wowza Posts: 556
I think it's a c case that vhi would cover it, but the hospital are unlikely to allow it.
reine Posts: 1771
When I rang HS to book in as a public patient, the lady I was talking to said I could do this! I then rang Laya and was told they wouldn't cover it, but I rang back recently and asked someone else and he reluctantly told me they'll cover a private room up to €3500, so I'm going to ask for one. Even if I just get it for one night, it'll help.
maybebaby2013 Posts: 79
Ooooh what hospital was it that said they allow it...i hav vhi cover but going public. I would luv to b able to use vhi for something
nomla Posts: 787
Chi cover three nights in a private room but difficult to get a private room if u have gone public all pregnancy. I went public last time and ended up in semi private room as all public wards were full. Maybe ask after delivery as hospitals get money off insurance companies but if a private patient comes in they get first choice on room. I feel for private patients that end up in a public ward cause all private rooms are full!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
I went public last time and was in a room with just 2 beds. One of the nights nobody else was in the room with me. This was in CUMH. My SIL has had 3 babies in CUMH nad public each time and also got a room with 2 beds to herself on the first 2. Guess it depends how busy they are. Though tbh on my first there was either 6 or 8 in the room I can't remember I was too busy with baby and visitors to notice.