private room in cumh

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zoe f Posts: 104
just wondering do you book this room yourself or does your doctor take care of it[url=][img:1bz3tk2z][/img:1bz3tk2z][/url:1bz3tk2z]
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
The hospital will know whether you're going private or not from your records, but it just depends on the day as to whether or not you get a private room - there's no guarantee ... you could just as easily end up in a public room I'm afraid if there's no private / semi private room available.
frangipani Posts: 1543
true. in cumh you also tick your choice when you fill in the forms when you're in for your first scan.
cbtb Posts: 413
It seems to be the luck of the draw. I have just had my baby in CUMH and I was in a room with two beds I was public she was private. Two bed was great, it did help that the girl that I was in with was lovely, really considerate and we both had quiet babies. It was very busy when I was there so from what I can gather you took what you got as beds were scarce.