Private scan at Galway clinic?

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brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ladies, After having phoned maternity in UCHG to try and find out when I'll be getting my first scan and the nurse hanging up on me I'm really thinking about going to Galway clinic to get private scan. Do you know anyone that has had one? Are they good? Do I just ring up? Do I need a doc letter? I'm so green so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks x brideeee
charlie19 Posts: 65
Hi, Yes i had one done in Galway clinic 2 weeks ago, I rang up told them i was looking to get it done, they told me to bring a letter of referal from my doctor, which he did for me. Its well worth getting it done as i was led to believe i would have to wait 22 weeks to get one done in uchg, however i got my appointment last week to go for my scan at 16 weeks. Good Luck....