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Mrs J Posts: 387
Coming up to the ten week mark and still no appointment from the Royal -I rang today and was told to ring again in 2/3 weeks if I still haven't heard anything. They told me as I was so early on, they haven't allocated an appointment yet- I pointed out that the first scan is to take place between 12-14 weeks so I would have expected to have the appointment by now - with my previous two pregancies, the appointment date was sent out within a week of my GP sending the referral letter. In the end, they told me they were snowed under and it was left that I should ring again in 2/3 weeks if still no appointment date. I had m/c in December at 10/11 weeks so even more keen to have scan than I would have been - just need some reassurance. Had DD in the Royal 2 years ago and have nothing but praise but think things have changed in that time and feeling less than satisfied. Would love to arrange a private scan for the the 12 week mark but on doing a quick search, I can't find anywhere in Belfast (without opting for private antenatal care). Anyone manage to get one sorted out?
joedonzo Posts: 167
Hi Mrs J, I also had a M/C in December at 10wks and I attended the Royal. I don't like o say anything bad about the hospital becasue I'm sure that they are good...but I lost faith in them after my m/c in Dec. That was my 2nd m/c and I just didn't like the way they treated me. I know they see this sort of thing every day, but I don't O:| I never dreamt of going private before but we decided that I would get checked out after xmas and went to Cranmore Medical on the Lisburn Road. OMG they are really nice and they see you straight away. It just so happened when I went to them in Feb I was pregnant (but I had a m/c in march @ 6wks). Cranmore did loads of tests for me (through the City hospital) and have told me when I get pregnant again to make an appointment for a 7wk scan with them. That's all i want, is to get an early scan to put my mind at ease. I know this probably doesn't answer your question but just wanted to tell you about Cranmore Medical. HTH Joedonzo :xox
Mrs J Posts: 387
Thanks Joedonzo - so sorry to her about your m/cs. I had nothing but praise for the Royal the first time round but am really considering either switching to the Ulster or going private. Cranmore sounds great - not to have to battle the smokers outside the Royal would be one major plus! Do you know if they will see someone for a one-off or do you have to sign up for the compelte ante-natal care package? Must give them a ring, thanks again and good luck!
Tadpole Posts: 346
That's a pity about th Royal....I had my DD there 8 wks and have nothing butpraise. I knowthat 352 Medical Consulting on Lisburn Rd do one-off early scans, so you could try them.
joedonzo Posts: 167
Hi Mrs J and Tadpole, Sorry I didn't really mean to slag the Royal. Think I just had a bad experience with them but I still think they are a very good hospital. I know they are always very busy and that can't be helped. It just angered me when I went with my m/cs that I had to walk by all the young pregnant girls smoking >:o( Mrs J With regards to a one off private scan, I'm not sure if Cranmore o or not. I would give them a phone, they are very helpful. good luck Joedonzo :xox
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I really hate doing this, but I feel i have to. I had ds in the royal 2 years ago and I would NEVER go back there. i recieved terrible treatment was had a horrible traumatic birth, failed ventouse and high forceps, had a prolapse and had to have my stichtes redone. I hasd pre-ecamplisa and never even one saw the same person twice and never met my consultant. My son was very badly bruised when he was born, had a cut lip and black eyes etc, he was prostier and after 29 hours of labour I should never have been allowed to deliver him naturally, I have been told that by 2 consultants afterwards, but the royal need to keep their c section stats down. Anyway, i am on no2 now and have decided to attend DR forgartys private clinic and deliver in the Ulster. i really cant afford it in the middle of a recession, but i really feel I have no choice now and will eb hitting the credit union for a loan. With dr Forgart, you get a scan at 9 weeks, 13 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks etc and they are all 3d I think its money well spent. If you cant do this then the best advice I can give you is to go to the Ulster hospital.
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
[quote:3wodtmof]I have been told that by 2 consultants afterwards, but the royal need to keep their c section stats down. [/quote:3wodtmof] Andypandy - Your experience at the Royal seems less than satisfactory however you should be aware all Maternity hospitals in NI have targets to reduce their C section, this is not something unique to the Royal. This has been due to the "too posh to push" brigade opting for elective c sections and there is a real push for consultants to ensure that there is a clinical need for a C Section. (A section is a major operation with recovery implications for both the mother and the child it is not the best route for everyone). It would seem that you did have a clinical need and I am sure that would not have been delayed because of the need to keep c sections down. Unless the 2 consultants you spoke to were present throughout your delivery they could not offer any definative reason as to why you were not offered a section earlier. (And no I don't work for the Royal). Not everyone has positive experiences of all hospitals, Doctors and nurses are human beings too, and while it is not acceptable for mistakes to be made, a lot of decisions are a balance of judgement and circumstances at the time. I just hope your experience at the Ulster is better. Most private consultants are quicker to offer a C section because they don't want to be sued by their clients, not necessarily because it is the best treatment route for their patient. Back to the OP. I am not sure transferring to the Ulster at this stage would speed up your scan. You would still have to wait until they could fit you in. The Ulster is under no less pressure than the Royal in terms of numbers and I know of several instances of people waiting for beds (in the maternity). I am going to the Ulster because I live close to it and I must admit that the new facilites certainly are a bonus (I am also attending a private consultant because of my age - I'll be almost 40 when the baby is born). However, the regional maternity unit is the Royal and they have more intensive care cots etc should something go wrong with the birth. You really need to weigh up the pros and cons of each - relative distance from house etc. Should you chose the Ulster, it is basically a Midwifery led service and you will not see a consultant when you attend. Consultants are available for delivery etc but not for routine scans and appointments. I think Dr Fogarty (who is based in Crawfordsburn) also does one off scans. If you google his name you will see his web site and you could give him a ring. I don't think you need to go to the expense of full private consultancy. I don't think my consultant does one offs. f you don't get any joy with the Royal, I would go back to your GP an ask them to try and contact them for you. HTH
Mrs J Posts: 387
Thanks so much for all the replies - I didn't mean to be slagging of the RVH but I was just getting a bad feeling (my friend had her first two babies there but had to transfer to the Ulster mid way through her third about 6 months ago and I guess this has stuck with me). Anyway, having had a sleepless night on Wednesday wondering about what I'd do - silly I know but you know how it is when you just can't get something out of your head at 5am- my GP rang yesterday morning with bloods results on another matter, I explained what I'd been told by the Royal and she said she'd get the practice manager on to them to see what was going on - so I now have my first appointment on the 21st April. I'm going to keep an open mind and hope that there was just a blip in the system somewhere - if I am lucky enough to get the care I got the first time round I'll be more than happy. So fingers crossed this little baba hangs in there! Now I just habe to battle the smokers and the car park- Joedonzo,I know exactly what you mean about having to walk out past the young pregnant girls smoking having just been told about the m/c. I found that very tough - it played a major part in my decision to let the m/c happen naturally as I did not want to go near the place for again!