Private Scans - where?

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Lisa_B Posts: 56
Hi - am booked into the Rotunda Semi-Private. They have given me my first scan date of 23rd Oct - which will make me either 15wks or 19 wks gone ( not sure of dates yet). They have told me this is the earliest scan date available - but not very happy as would like to have dates confirmed a bit sooner than that. I was considering going Private - but from what the girl said that would not make a difference. Can you book a scan privately elsewhere from where you intend to have the baby?
mad woman Posts: 22106
oooh dont know, but isnt mount carmel the private part of the rotunda?
chilledout Posts: 834
You can go for private scans. Have a look at although I think this is just for looking at the baby, ie they don't do any measurements so might not be able to give you dates. Its quite normal in Ireland not to have a scan until at least 15 weeks (unless there is a complication). I know it seems like ages away but it will come around soon enough.
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Hey, I had a private scan in Mount Carmel (am attending Holles St.) It cost €130. Holles St. were not offering one until 20 weeks and I had the private one at 10.5 weeks! HTH
Lisa_B Posts: 56
Thanks girls. Just like to see - very exciting. Also - heard of two women in the past year had this condition whereby it was a false preg - all the symptoms for 3 months inc. BFP - and actually no baby in the end - and normal period after 3 months. not sure what it was called
enfant Posts: 13
Charlemont Clinic inear Portobello Bride, Rathmone. Think they charge €90