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aston Posts: 4100
Hi all, Congrats and best of luck with pregnancy and giving birth etc. I am always confused as to which is the better option, private or public? I have a friend that went public and did not find any problem with it and it was her first child. And another who went private for her first and said would defo go public for her second. What would ye recommend? Anyone have any experience of both and if so what you you recommend? Thanks
zoesmama Posts: 2774
I went Private with DS. My Consultant is excellent and i trust him 100%. had complications in the 1st and 3rd trimesters and had a hospital stay in the 3rd. had to be v closely monitored towards the end which meant a visit to the Consultant every 2nd day. he delivered DS by emergency section in the end. had a private room in the hosp which i know you are not guaranteed but i was lucky enough to get. what reassured me was the continuity of care. i had a m/c in May and he saw me free of charge afterwards for a consultation and i am with him again now for this pregnancy. he arranged for me to have an early scan and again i feel reassured knowing that he personally knows my whole history. i have 2 friends who went public. one opted to go Public from the start and had complications with labour and she was not at all happy with how it was handled. the other started out in the MLU and had to be transferred due to complications during labour and had a v negative experience with the public service at the same hospital. i have 2 colleagues who have gone public with both their children and have had good experiences with the public service albeit neither of them had any complications in pregnancy or labour. you will definitley hear pros and cons for both on this and only you can decide what's best. for me going Private was money well spent and i am happy to go for that again.
aston Posts: 4100
Ya the girl I work with went public and she hadnt one problem (apart from heartburn :o0 ) during her 9 months and labour etc was problem free also. Thanks kc05 for your great reply. I had a m/c in October and I was booked in for private, I was just 10 weeks. I was told that I will have to go for an early scan the next time I get pregnant anyway. I suppose its your own decision in the end and go with what you feel more comfortable with. Thanks