Probably a stupid question about confetti

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oneillj6 Posts: 463
.......but how do the guests obtain the cones of confetti? i.e. where do I leave them for the guests to pick up to throw? I'm going to have about 20 cones and think the best people to have them are the bridal party as they'll make the effort with it and "know there duties" :o0 . Any ideas where I should leave them or who should hold onto them?
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
do you have a flowergirl or pageboy that you can give the 'job' too, or maybe someone whos not involved in the wedding but wants to be? you could have them stand at the door as you exit with a basket with your cones in.. xx
oneillj6 Posts: 463
No have no little ones at the wedding? do people do this normally? All my close family and friends are going to be at the top of the church as they are someway involved either with prayers of the faithful, bridesmaids, readers, readings etc. Have no one who is willing to stand at the back or who I would ask to stand at the back. Sounds bad really to ask someone to do this unless they are a kid?
westie Posts: 88
My nephew and neice are doing it for me. I know if I left them at the door no one would bother picking them up and it seems a bit of a trivial task to allocate to an adult so the kiddies think that its brilliant to be involved in the day. I dont really know what else you could do unless you display them somewhere really prominent.
mini07 Posts: 282
We are not allowed to have confetti at my church - apparently its not that unusual for it to be banned from churches because of the mess
oneillj6 Posts: 463
Doubled checked on this one and nearly everywhere bans confetti. However, the church is totally fine with petals or biodegradable confetti which a lot of companies are turning too. I'm getting mine from Good prices especially on the seconds. Gonna have to start thinking how I'm going to manage the confetti thingy now..... :duh: