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StarOfBengal Posts: 57
Hi girls, Its probably staring me in the face.. but where the heck is the 'official July '08 brides' thread gone? I've looked all over and couldnt spot it, every other month but it! Im for the chop this time next week :-8 Thks in advance!
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
Here you go StarofBengal - have a great day next week!! ... start=5880
mrsmay08 Posts: 367
here it is [url:k7jh32nr][/url:k7jh32nr]
StarOfBengal Posts: 57
Thanks a mil girls :wv
mrsmay08 Posts: 367
no bother, we must both have been sending reply at the same time, best of luck, enjoy it all, i know you will be hearing it from everyone but it really does go so fast, it's an amazing feeling though *)