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Doll Face Posts: 3721
My little girl is my flower girl and my best friends little girl will be attending the wedding this dress is my DD friend wants to put her little girl in the dunnes stores flower girl dress even though she isent a flower girl.... My question is should i leave it be and risk my little princess being upstaged or getting upset or should i say something???? my little one is a bit of a diva :o0 :o0 Do guests notice if theres another child dressed in white and would they talk???? example: did you see what your one put her child in........ [url:1a9w90wf],0.5,0,0&rgn=0,0,900,900&scl=2.34375&id=3ZRoZbLUfprwSw-OjdifzU[/url:1a9w90wf]
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Hi Dollface If it was ME, I would be happier if she wore a different dress. But maybe that is me being bridzillaish...
mini mama Posts: 834
Hey dollface,i'd ask her to put something different on also...anyone who doesn't know the family that well may think she is a son is page boy for us and i want it to be our day as in the 3 of us and i dont want anyone to up stage him,one of my flower girls is a bit of diva and everyone fawns all over her but with my other little flower girl there is none of that carry on....but at the end of the day its yer day and i would be sickened if someone came along and brought their daughter in something close to what your own ds will be wearing...its like someone wearing white or ivory to your wedding...that would be frowned upon...some people will think this is petty but when your gettting married and your child is standing with you,its absolutely huge and i agree with you that nothing should upstage this xxx
dollybird222 Posts: 184
I dont think if i was the bride i would mind like I would just let it pass but I know if i was bringing a child I wouldnt be putting her in a white flowergirl dress if she wasnet the flower girl I think because you have posted that you are a bit concerned that your DD might get upset on the day so I suppose you dont want to chance that explain to your friend that it may be better if her dd wore another colour on the day im sure she wouldnt mind
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Dollface, do you know something that has just dawned on me since reading this post. FMIL said something to me Sunday about her other grandson wearing a suit at the wedding (his brother is pageboy). It has just struck me that she intends for him to wear same suit as the bestmen and groomsmen (pageboys isn't the exact same). I am going to have to tell her he can't as he's not part of the bridal party.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
I love the little one but my DD is a diva and she might get abit anoyed at her friend, my biggest worry is that the photographar will take loads of pics of my friends little one and not DD.... So how do i tell her that her dd cant wear ivory....??????? she was also going to buy the cardigan and shoes and a sparkly hairband......... She is my bff and i know she would never try to upset my DD or me so she prob just thinks its a cute dress and her dd will love wearing it....
shybride09 Posts: 250
course you should say it!! there are hundreds of dresses she can get for her daughter-she most definetly shouldnt put her in a flowergirls one....
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Designerwine looks like you have the same problem............. So what are you going to do????????????
Dir Posts: 351
How can you tell someone else what dress to buy their daughter ??? Believe me you wont notice on the day ..
fruitypie Posts: 826
It's a bit odd that your friend wants to dress her dd in a 'flowergirl' dress... She probably thinks it's cute or something. If it really bothers you, you should say it to her. I'm sure she won't mind as seen as she's your BF.