Problem with face wash

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schnoopsie Posts: 140
Hi all, I was washing my face with my normal face wash and I only noticed now that it states on the package not suitable for use during pregancy. I feel really stupid that I didn't notice it earlier but I've been using it the whole way through and and am already at 28 weeks. Should I be worried???
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
What facial wash is it Schnoopsie. It's strange for a facial wash to have that on it isnt it. Although I have heard of some anti wrinkle creams with this because of Vitamin A in them or something. Maybe it has Vitamin A in it. Either way, i wouldnt be too concerned if I were u. Chances are they just have it on the bottle to cover themselves just incase. If you are worried give your GP a ring maybe, he might ask you to call out the ingredients on the bottle. Or else maybe you could ring the company that produces the facial wash & they might be able to tell you a little more :wv
schnoopsie Posts: 140
It was Sanctuary from Boots, maybe due to the oils in it?? The packaging is American so I reckon it might just be precautionary, it could be that they have no clinical trials for pregnant woman and just want to cover themselves frrom any potential law suits...
Emme Posts: 4735
Thats mad! I wouldn't worry too much but maybe mention it at your next appointment - I wouldn't even think to read a facial wash for warnings!