Problem with Middleton Park House??!

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guiseppesgirl Posts: 6
I am getting married there at the end of the summer and have problems getting in touch with anyone. They say on their social media page that they are closed for renovations which is fine but they are not replying to emails, private messages or answering phone calls. When the phone is answered it's by a security guard. I wouldn't be worried only I have heard that all their staff were let go and that the house is closing for business but that it hasn't been made public yet. I was also told from couple, that other people have gone and booked other venues as their weddings are taking place in the next couple of months! They are going legal to get their money back. I don't want to scare anyone but I would love if someone knew who to get in touch with regarding this as the person we dealt with, their email is no longer valid. They have deleted comments from their 'renovation post' on fb where people were begging someone to get in touch with them. No one had come out to try and calm our fears!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
guiseppesgirl Posts: 6
Also, my h2b drove there on Thursday and THERE IS NO BUILDING WORK GOING ON which further adds to concerns.
Betty80 Posts: 36
Hi I just had a look on the website there and they have this post up - I hope this puts your mind at ease We are been contacted by a large amount of clients via email at our [email protected] address. We are replying to all but it will take time. I would refer to our posting below. We are closed "for renovations. We are relocating our office and this is causing some disruption. To be clear we are not in receivership nor are the banks in control. Middleton will reopen and all bookings will be honored.
guiseppesgirl Posts: 6
Hi Betty Thanks for the reply-unfortunately there is still zero communication from the venue
Enchantedgarden Posts: 6
Also, there seems to be a Charity Wedding Fair on there this weekend so maybe it is still functioning