Problem with the Quinny Buzz

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steen Posts: 1335
Girls, just wanted to check if anyone has come across this problem with the Quinny Buzz. I was chatting to someone just back off maternity leave at lunchtime and we were discussing the Quinny Buzz and she mentioned that the girl in Tony Kealys showed her how they don't fit through normal door frames. Has anyone come across this? I was defo going to go for the Buzz but this might put me straight back to the drawing board.
mooky Posts: 1501
Hi Steen Yeh, I've heard this, but it hasnt put me off (we put a deposit down on one on Saturday!). I measured the span of the buzz wheels, its 26 inches. My hall door is about 29 inches. I'd say you'd come across problems very rarely. I hope not anyway. I saw a demo of the Buzz in Tony Kealys and they have to open their double doors to get the Buzz out (but this is because their doors are old style, and wouldnt fit through when just one side of door open, IYKWIM). I'd be interested to see what other people think
steen Posts: 1335
Ah okay this explains it a bit more. I thought it would be fine in my house as it is only 2 years old and wheelchair accessible etc. DH parents house might be a bit of hassle but nothing major. Think I will go for it anyway. What colour did you go for? DH was to go for the red. I'm not sure.
Bun in Oven Posts: 241
They are definitely wider than other buggies - can be a bit of an issue getting around shops that have narrow aisles and going through the doors of small shops (as Noli mentioned) etc. but nothing too major. We have the red one and it is lovely, but it is a personal choice! Thought it would do boy or girl. We had a boy and we said it would do the next one too no matter what the sex, but now that there is another one on the way in July (please God) we will have to get a double-buggy as DS is only 1 now :ooh. Best of luck with your decisions girls.
Delish Posts: 4176
I have a quinny and have only noticed this a handful of times, usually in old buildings that have the old style two doors, where you may need to hold open both sides of the door (ie both doors that are built into one doorframe) to getin or out. all in all I'm very happy with the quinny.
mooky Posts: 1501
Hi Steen I went for 'racoon' colour. Its one of the new colours in the 2009 buzz. Piccie of it here ... _1_Raccoon
duncwilson Posts: 4
We bought one of these (oops - kids out of wedlock) and I must say it has served us very well. We searched for ages to find a but eventually found it here : [url:3dtcilrc][/url:3dtcilrc] They were really nice - we had a problem with one of the parts and they sent us a replacement next day.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
We've a Buzz & like Delish said, there's only been a few times I've had difficulty getting it through a narrow doorway. It's always been those narrow double doors on old buildings, have never had a problem getting it into anyone's house. It's a great buggy!
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
i heard about people taking the wheels off to get the pram in the door :o0 it still wouldnt turn me off buying it though. only problem i have is choosing a colour.. and to me that major :o0